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Sergey Bystrov,
International Master

A centenary jubilee of V.G.Zak held in memory of the 100th birth anniversary of the well-known chess trainer.

Today the meeting had been held in memory of the 100th birth anniversary of the awarded trainer of the USSR, Vladimir Grigorievich Zak at the chess department of Anichkov Palace. The grand reception has been organized and conducted by trainers-instructors of chess department, supported and participated by Direction of the Anichkov Palace. According to the intention of organizers the colleagues at work pupils, and also chessplayers invited have participated in solemn part of the grand reception and in a blitz-tournament followed. All speakers at the grand reception have marked high professional and human qualities of Vladimir Grigorievich Zak, the complexity of his character. Remembered are the words of G.M.Chernyakova, a former director of the Pioneer Palace, who stood at the beginning of its development: "Strong people chessplayers, trainers should have a complex character". All of you are not are so simple. And I had to be a diplomat. I tried to find my individual approach to everyone". Excellently yet I.V.Spasskaya has said, sister of the tenth champion of the world B.V.Spassky, a pupil of V.G.Zak, who achieved greatest success". V.G.Zak was a guardian-angel for our family. When our father, intelligent, kind man, went away from us (well, it happiness so in life) our mother was in a difficultly what to choice. Father got ready to take us into another family, but mother went to Saint Seraphim Vyritsky, and he told her: "Circumstances change, nothing is to changes". As you know, Borya got a stipend for which Vladimir Grigorievich applied and put much effort, and we four could live on it..." At the memorable grand reception General Director of the GDTYu Maria Rengoldovna Katunova has spoken on behalf of the direction of Palace, its vice-president, International Master I.Ya.Blekhtsin. in the name of the SPbChF. O.V.Gultyaeva, director of Sport School №2 has been present at the grand reception as well. The trio of winners at the circular-system blitz-tournament with twelve participants are: 1. S.Bystrov - 8.5 points, 2-3. I.Blekhtsin and A.Sochagin - 8 points, and so on. I have noted that the prize winners awarded with rarity manuals by V.G.Zak and new books about A.V.Cherepkov are noticeably more numerous that the three! It was already written about V.G.Zak very much, under whose guidance the author of these lines studied also (true, it was not a long time). A perfect material is displayed on the e3e5 site, dedicated to the memorable jubilee. Let us not go on repeating the same. As B.I.Goberman has quite justly said: "V.G.Zak studied much from his great pedagogs (P.A. Romanovsky, S.O.Vaynstein, A.P. Sokolsky, etc.) during his work in the Palace before the war (1938-1941) and he even went forward in some things farther on. He was the first in Leningrad and the fourth in our country (1958) to become an Awarded Trainer of the USSR. The colleagues of V.G.Zak, his pupils and admirers of his pedagogical talent remember and will yet long remember this remarkable but very complex man positively and learn from him. One can learn from the methodic by Vladimir Grigorievich Zak.

M.R.Katunova, Genaral Director of the Palace.

Something comes back I.Ya.Blekhtsin.
Organizers and speakers are at the solemn part and whole memorable
grand reception, B.I.Goberman and A.M.Yuneev.

G.M.Chernyakova, director of the Palace of Pioneers named after A.A.Zhdanov.

L.P.Bulankova, Deputy. Director of the Palace of Pioneers named after A.A.Zhdanov.

I.V.Spasskaya was a draughts champion of the USSR.

K.Senkevich was a friend of V.G.Zak family in the last years.

L.M.Paneyah, A.L.Ioffe, V.V.Shishmarev, V.Ya.Churikov.

Two stands of photographs and relevant information about the heroes of the day were especially created for a series of meetings in memory of V.G.Zak.

N.S.Zubova, I.V.Spasskaya, L.V.Petrova.

All participants have played in earnest in the blitz-tournament. The openings loved by V.G.Zak
have been a success not play in every game.
At the board I.Blekhtsin and V.Bagrunov.

V.Orlov - A.Chumachenko.

A.Kruglikov - V.Zhukov.

B.Goberman - V. Smirnov.

A.Sochagin - K.Senkevich.

A.Yuneev - A.Kruglikov.

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