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Sergey Bystrov,
International Master

Photo reporting with Master-class of International Grandmaster Nikita Vitiugov.

Today in the "Sports and Cultural Center named after A.A.Alekhine", Master-class of International Grandmaster N. Vitiugov has taken place. The event has been dedicated to his victory in a strong victory (Trafalgar). For two hours, young Grandmaster has speaking about all the vicissitudes of competition. His game against Polish Grandmaster D.Sversh has been analyzed in detail. Nikita slightly has touched his last round game against M. Vachier-Lagrov. After all, from the fourth move the course of the game has been run from a "clean slate". Grandmaster has answered the questions in much detail, and of course, has pleased experienced chess players, fans, and probably the young chess players somewhat "have caught a nap". However, all the participants have warmly, welcomed and thanked Nikita for his high quality lectures and wished him further success. The organizer of the meeting has been the "Sports and cultural center named after A.A.Alekhine", in the person of its director S.A.Rumyantsev. One wants to note that lectures, and simultaneous game sessions, and somewhat forgotten already attribute of the chess school were again revived. They fell to our share as a tradition and an element for the growth of chess. Let us work also that the transfer of experience and knowledge assumed a new modern character and widespread everywhere. And where they have not their own Grandmasters, there Internet will help.

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