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Sergey Bystrov,
International Master

Women and men.

From the 11th to 21st of March 2013 St. Petersburg championship in classical chess (men and women) were conducted in SDYUSSHOR ShSh (B.Konyushennaya str.,25). In the circular tournaments men and women identified the strongest chess players in the Neva city. One of the youngest bodies, if not the most, was selected in the women's championship. High-ranking international master A.Balayan had no equal in it. In 11 rounds Alina lost only half a point. Who would have thought that such a pretty young woman at the board will not accept compromise, even when the first place has been secured? Victoria Korchagina took a second place; a half point behind, Dina Belenkaya was third (both FIDE Masters). Pupils and students only were among the participants of the female championship. In the years gone such a tournament certainly were a youth, or small final. But the XXIst century is outside, and chess has become incredibly younger and more beautiful! In the men's championship a qualification and age composition was not so "radical", as in the female. Ten semifinalists and two invited Grandmasters identified a trio who would represent St. Petersburg for the national championship. And yet, the youngest participant, Sergei Lobanov was not still 12 years old and the most aged Andrew Wunder fifty. On the last day of the championship when I was able to see him with my own eyes, being in the lead most of the race Eugene Levin was by passed by GM Denis Yevseyev with nine points. The winner won the honorary title for the second time (the first time 10 years ago). In the last round D.Yevseev managed in a complex struggle to beat FIDE Master Cyril Alekseenko. International Master Alexei Goganov (7.5 points) had a third place. Attention was drawn to a very mature and ambitious play at Sergei Lobanov, who scored five points. Sergey studied at the SDYUSSHOR Hilti, guided by GM Valery Loginov. In the last round only luck and ingenious defense saved experienced Grandmaster Popov from losing to the junior. This time, Valery with his seven points was fourth, a "hero of the start" C. Alekseenko, fifth. Cyril certainly hoped for more, but he knows what hindered him to do it. Our congratulations to the winners and prize winners!

A.Wunder - V.Usmanov.

G.Bazeev - A.Goganov.

Sergey Lobanov is dangerous at the board for any opponent.

S.Lobanov - V.Popov.

D.Yevseev versus C.Alekseenko.



Alina Balayan is a Champion of St.Petersburg among woman.

Victoria Korchagina is a silver-prizer of Championship.

Dina Belenkaya is bronze-prizer of Championship.

Champion of St. Petersburg Denis Yevseyev (center), right in the photo, bronze medalist Alexei Goganov;
left, Chief referee of the male final V.P.Ivanov.

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