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International Master

The photo reporting is devoted of 85-th birth S.V.Khavsky's anniversary.

Playing before the tournament they are: a habitual visitor of the Pushkin club,
N.Manoilo and International arbiter L.Petrova.

Express-analysis after the game. From right to left are A.Shalygin, V.Arsenev and D.Shchukin.

Games of one of the Pushkin chess veterans: Vladimir Fedorov (Black) always
attracts lookers-on with its active sound play.

Games of one of the Pushkin chess veterans: Vladimir Fedorov (Black) always attracts lookers-on with its active sound play a well-known pact and translation.
V.Ye.Vasiliev is interested in an encounter of V. Kiselev and V.Sergeev

Such a birth anniversary of V.Sergeev will take place in a year to come about this fine man it is worth reading additionally some pages of the site.

Here is a "middle" hero of the day, R.V.Prelovsky. Three quarters of the century while living on the earth and almost nearly all of them are combined with chess!

12-year-old Nikita Abramov (on the right) has become a shocking breaker of the peace among the recognized master. His partner is master Viktor Manin. The game has attracted attention of L.Petrova and V.Klemin, and G.Muhin. Champion of the city among boy up to 12 years old, he has taken the tenth place, scoring 6.5 points

A well-known journalist A.S.Kruglikov (Black) has been left suddenly without a rook, and forced to resign to A. Gorbatenko, S.V.Khavsky has watched the game of his former pupil during the tournament.

Master candidate V.V.Sergeev and FIDE Master A.Sochagin, trainer of Pushkin
chess club of the GOUDOD "SDUSHOR ShSh".

Experience and mastership have got over in the game K.Polyakov (White) and G.Mukhin.

S.V.Khavsky (left) with memorable cup! Right is a winner of the tournament, A.Shalygin.
At the center is S.A.Rumyantsev.

The trio of winners. From left to right are G.Muhin, D.Shchukin and A.Shalygin.

Trainer of Pushkin chess club and of GOUDOD "SDUSHOR ShSh" IM D.Shchukin, Master Candidate V.V.Sergeev and Victor Manin with prizes.

And this is hospitable organizer of numerous tournaments and of the education process for schoolchildren is director of the chess club S.A.Rumyantsev. A current one of the tournaments (a team one) will take, supported by the CPRF in February 23.

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