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Sergey Bystrov,
International Master

"Welcome to Alushta!"

The "Chess Summer" is at its height at the cozy chess club "Caissa" in a small Crimean town of Alushta on the Black Sea shore. There have been just finished three tournaments, children's open-tournament rating tournament and the tournament with a norm of international master. It is pleasant to note that just the at once, children's St.Petersburg players have won the two of them. In the children's open tournament has been equal to Nikolai Shirshov, who collected eight points. Petersburg chessplayer Lisa Zhemchuzhina has been best among the girls. Rating tournament brought together participants of all ages. So, the experience here was probably a decisive factor for successful performance. In these circumstances, Russian woman Aliya Galimzyanova (Elo - 1916) has had not equals with 8.5 points in nine games. Valentine Dragoon (ELO-1958, Estonia) had a second place. Alushta player was only the third Alexander Khudyakov (ELO - 2076). Tournament with a norm of international master gathered a colorful and strong body. Two grandmasters and seven masters examined three "non holders of" international titles. It is please to announce a victory of St.Petersburg International Master a coach Dmitry Shchukin (Hilti Sports School) in it with a score of 7.5 points! Halves a point behind are third place splintering second International Master Timofey Ilyin (Donetsk) and Zhansaya Abdumalik (Kazakhstan). Zh.Abdumalik met Grandmaster norm among women, who have shared a second and third place and FIDE Master (Ukraine) Elena Cherednichenko did International Master norm (6.5 points, 5-6 places). Our congratulations to all chess players who performed well in all three competitions! Chess tournaments at various levels, the championships of Ukraine, the training sessions over the years of work, of private boarding house "Caissa" have been held innumerably. Reviews of famous chess players who took part in them, speak for themselves. A very short story and quite one of the last is of Anastasia Bodnaruk the active champion of Russia among girls under 20 years old. I invite our readers to get acquainted with the history of tournaments in the private boarding house "Caissa" under headed by Leonid Zinov'evich Galperin, an international arbiter, international organizer of the FIDE which was with talent written by Grandmaster Alexander Goloshchapov. Indeed, the conditions for the game as well as accommodation provided to chess players are in line with European standards. Reasonable prices, good infrastructure, the opportunity to relax at sea, improve their health and go in for studies with experienced chess coaches who are active chess players; all of this there is "Caissa". The tournament schedule is flexible and takes into account the workload of most players. May-June and August-September are almost entirely occupied by tournaments. July, top of the summer is for relaxation and a test of strength in other competitions. In competitions held in the boarding house "Caissa" participate basically, players of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other CIS countries. Secretiveness, and at the same time the openness of the chess world make "Caissa" one of the best places to meet up with old friends at the chessboard a showcase of young talents. "Welcome to Alushta," says L.Z.Galperin you will like all of it!


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