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27th December 2009 a blitz-tournament took place in the chess club named after A.Alekhine to honour the 80th anniversary of a chess candidate master, oldest member of the club, fine pedagogue, translator of English, etc. simply remarkable man Sergeev Vassiliy Vassilievich. Many warm words were addressed to hero of the chess evening by S.A.Rumiantcev, director of chess club and also by guest and friends, who came to wish good health to the veteran. Vassiliy Vassilievich was handed in precious gifts and souvenir shaped as victory goddess Nika. I think, it is quite symbolic, Sergeev V.V. lived a saturated and very fruitful creative life time which is to continue... If it were not he, the English mirror of my site could not exist in the shape it exists. Vassiliy Vassilievich is always ready to share his enormous life experience, help if need be, participates in chess tournaments again and again! Love of life, love of chess; love of people, say finally, allow Sergeev V.V. to keep his working capability and longevity. He is a continue visitor of the chess club named after A.Alekhine, and brings all the kind and eternal to his pupils. And may God give you many years! The tournament, in which were participated above thirty chessplayers, was completed with the victory of International Master D.Shchukin, 7 points. Yu.Turovets had the same. A.Guzenko, too the third place, 6,5 points.

Sergeev Vassiliy Vassilievich was born 24th December 1929 according to a birth-certificate, the 27th in his passport, and by knowledge from his mother two village, Kalinin (Tverskaya) region. He learnt to play chess at 16. "My father went to Leningrad in 1930 and called us to himself in 1932. I studied at school up to three classes at Sortirovochnaya railway station the G.P.War broke out and we removed to Zverinskaya str, near Zoo-garden not far from now "M" Gorikovskaya. In Autumn of 41st Badaev food storehouses were bombed out, a school year was lost for all but we (mother, Granny and me) were in city, and in February 42nd I was dying from hunger. Food was scarce in the city. We lived all three; mother, Granny Matriona and me. Father died still in 1939 from an incurable at that time infections. Mother worked as a sanitary sister at the "evacohospital". Grammy gave me daily from her little bag a piece of sugar. It helps me likely live, though she herself died in April. At that time I had a mirage vision. I remember it clear-cut. I have dreamt that I am in super building with marble columbines huge windows, crystal roof through which one sus a blue heaven sunrays falling from above inside, wonder of unnatural, celestial beauty. The Voice, which I have heard, clear-cut: "Healed". Many years after in June 1991, the voice told me how many I had to live, but it's quite another story. I'm sure that life duration may be changing depending upon the way of thoughts of man. But let's return to the war years. From that moment my health improved peril of life was over, and I was achieving throughout the war. Children staying in the city worked in the collective farms "Lesnoe", "Piskarevsky", "Krasny vyborzhetc". and others. In Autumn of 1943 I was decorated with a medal "For the defence of Leningrad" for excuding the rates of weeding and collection of vegetables. In 1946 I ended seven classes of school, and advised by another I entered a pharmaceutical school and graduated over three years. I learnt chess from boys and began studying if under guidance of Leonid Ivanovich Shamaev, (master of sports) in Petrograd district. I got the fifth and fourth categories there and then approximately with 1947 to 1949 I was chess guided by V.G.Zak in Pioneer Palace (Anichkov Palace now). In 1948 (I think) I beat young Borya Spassky in third category tournament, he even cried and Zak himself took him away for comforter when in the 50-es we met in blitz-tournament in the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Kirov, Boris made revenge and has said: "I remember my defeat". I played often in simultaneous game sessions. I remember I mated I.Z.Bondarevsky, (he overlook) and he laughed aloud and then proved that proved that I was losing. But I just lost to P.Keres without any struggle. When my friend Felix Barash and me played together against masters and grandmasters, we did it successfully: I worked a little in pharmacy and understanding it's not mine I decided to study further on. I liked history very much, and entered the pedagogical institute named after Pokrovsky (named after Hercen now), foreign languages department (English section) because of great competition to the history one. I managed to pass entrance examinations though I had seven year school; I had studied Latin in the pharmacy, but I continued reading adaptive English texts and was prepared well. After graduating from the pedagogical institute I worked three years as a teacher of English and German language in Krasnoyarsk region (port of Dudinka on the Enisey river) . I have first category at that time and played successfully there I returned to my dear city in 1959 and wanted to confine my chess "heroism", but master of sport V.Chekhover inflicted a pill on me. You stopped playing there; know nothing begin from the third category". Though I had participated in chess competition in Norilisk. Sport Master E.S.Stolyar who heard a dialogue offered me to play in a second category tournament. In fury I won all the games without giving mercy the boy who had taught me to play chess before. From 1959 I began working it geological institute of methods and technique of prospecting (Vassilevsky Island), translated geological texts, and visited a chess section lead by Boris Lipnitsky. Master V.Osnos even played in the championship. I somewhat remember that I managed to beat him. I mastered the concentration, and helped by its magnetism I overplayed many strong chessplayers after words. In 1968 in an official competition of the North-West I succeed I in beating A.Karpov, master in 1964 Ibear E.Gufeld in his famous King-Indian, playing Semisch- system and refuting his strategic plan with Nc6(!),Nc6, Nb8, a6 and b5, etc. Grandmaster Vladimir Antoshin, who helped a future chess champion of the world, took all my data and over a half year I got permission to play a match for rank for master title. But I was not given an went and the next year such matches were out. In the USSR Spartakiad which 30 Masters and seven Grandmasters participated in I being in candidate master status, occupied the fifth place. In that competition I have won (remember) famous International Master R.Nezhmetdinov and others. After this I played many times in tournaments of the "Ladya" chess club on the DSO "Trud basis. In 1991 I participated in International "Politiken Cup" tournament in Olburg (Denmark), native-town of Pushkin. The result 6 points out of 9 (5th place) is quite successful, taking into account my victories oven Argentinean Grandmaster Gerardo Barbero and some Danish masters. I did not consider chess as a profession, was a regular amateur had no aim to be a chess master. In 1970-73 I served in Egypt as an army interpreter-translator and was decorated with a medal "For Combat Merits". After the army I led a family life (wife and daughters:), worked in the "Grurgo set project" was even on mission into Syria, where met and played chess with a Palestinian Mr.Quatrly, a future Grandmaster of France, and other Arab friends. 80-ies were years of my chess depression: being on a pension from 1990, I began playing chess more frequently and being advised I started working at chess with children as an additional education pedagogue and do if up till now. I bring my games from the Olborg tournament (Denmark). By the way, in the all-knowing Mega database 2009 my games are by mistake attributed to the same family name bearer from Ukraine and the indicated rating 2325!"

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