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Reporting from the sunny Rigas.

The fifth International children - youth team tournament "BJC Daugmale - Baltic school chess festival" passed in Riga (capital of the Baltic Republic of Latvia) in June 11-15 just 22 teams from five countries contested three principal prizes and one special. The competition took place a building of specialized school three hours journey from old Riga, and attracted attention of four Russian teams from St.Petersburg.

At the time of opening the festival. A tournament hall.

Two young ambitious trainers, lovers of traveling, brought young pupils of the Petersburg chess school (two teams - "Petrovskaya Ladya" from Peterhof, and two from "the Chess Club named after Boris Spassky".

"Petrovskaya Ladya - 1" played the match with its main contenders
from the "Rigas saha skola". M.Mustaps (on the left) was playing with E.Gorovykh.
On the near plane is V.Fedoseev.

"Petrovskaya Ladya - 2" was ninth only but the boys got a good schooling Arturas Bernotas, a Lithuanean legionary distinguished himself as well (third on the right) he played quite successfully.

The competition was short. During four days of chess play three young men and a girl had to play seven games each. Favorites of the tournament Peterhof team "Petrovskaya Ladya - 1" did not practically yield the leadership and won securely. Vladimir Fedoseev Champion of Russia up to 12 inst. (second board) performed more successfully than others, "hitting" 6.5 points.

"Petrovskaya Ladya - 1" in full body. On the left is trainer, FIDE master P.I.Drugov, festival director, Polina Ni is among children.

Other boy Edward Gorovykh, Vladimir Sarkisov, and also Anastasia Sorokina tried much as well and made a big contribution into the victory of their team. A total of the points gathered is 21! The "Rigas saha skola" team headed by Matiss Mustaps was back 2.5 points.

Children from the "Rigas saha skola" and on the right is its trainer Albert Tciminsh.

The third place was occupied by "VEF" team (17.5 points) having beat in the stubbornness struggle a friendly, but still not quite experienced boys from Finland, the VEF is also from Riga.

On the left is trainer FIDE master Igor Sakovich and his pupils.

Trainers of the winner-teams P.I.Drugov and A.A.Kaljamin, silver-prize winners - Albert Tciminsh and Leonid Borisov, and bronze winners, FM Igor Sakovich share in right the successes of the pupils. It is worth noting, that the boys who took the third prize shared the 5-8 places only fefore the last round! The second "Petrovskaya Ladya" is the ninth. Denis Shipulin, Alexander Ganichev, Arturas Bernotas and Christina Razine performed in it. "The Chess Club named after Spassky - 1" team displayed the best result out of "the seeded" according to rating at the beginning of the second part of the announced body had a rating prize (17 points, trainer K.V.Annenkov team body: Goldobin M., Kopasov A., Andrianov I. and Belenkaya D., Dina gathered 6.5 points!)

"The Chess Club named after Spassky - 1" is fourth, and on the left is K.V.Annenkov.

Children from Estonian town of Narva finished the fifth, with 16,5 points. Geography of tournament widens and grows. Organizers accommodated all participants, guests and trainers at a boarding school. Feed was organized here as well, and the tournament itself passed, what was undoubtedly very conveniently. Everyone who wish participated in blitz-tournament in which Peterhof master candidate Ilya Valov was first to come to finish. Author of these lines and Denis Shipulin had to leave the tournament before three last rounds (permitted by a referee, certainly), in order to visit and see the sight of the famous Domsky Cathedral

and enjoy works of organ music.

22 chessplayers participated in the simultaneous game display done by Grandmaster E.Sveshnikov.

Two chessplayers achieved a victory, and five games were draw.

Left to the right A.Tciminsh, A.A.Kaljamin, and P.I.Drugov.

A solemn dinner at restaurant of the entertainment center "LIDO" with its national kitchen food preceded a trip to Jurmala famous for its musical festivals and KVNs (performances of merry and quick-wilted people). Boys and girls bathed with pleasure in warm waters of the Baltic Sea and played merrily football. Due to efforts of friends from the "Rigas saha skola" an excursion guided by trainer A.Tsiminsh was made into the old Riga for Peterhof boys and girls. It is not a complete list of measures yet, but the "having seen a lot of life" will understand everything without words! And everything has been done for five days! I believe, many organizers are to take example from the hospitable Latvian organizers who love so much their work, chess, and, children of course for whom they serve with all their heart! And they are busy not only with their developing as chessplayers, but look much wider into problems of forming and educating these children as personalities. The trainer from the town of Narva presented from all his colleagues a fine bouquet of roses to the festival director Polina Ni what was met with unanimous support and acclimatize.

During the festival a letter has been signed in support of continuation, holding and development of "BJC Daugmale - Baltic school chess festival", and widening of its geography. It is bound to reach power authorities and the Latvian education committee. It is worth noting that the formation a body of participants and its financing is completely in hands of the festival organizing committee, its sponsors and Latvian chess union. Such an approach makes the competition especially attractive and worthy of imitating.

The festival is over, but an impulse of benevolent rival ship being obtained during its conduct children have taken away with them!

To visit Riga and not to meet with a local legend Masker of blitz and national master of Latvia Janis Daudzwardis, it's warlike of course, who many times won in different tournaments in simultaneous game which had passed in the Soviet Union yet?!

A referee board had quite a little of work, but it did a protocol of most operatively and culturally. Humn of Russia sounded in honour winner-team of the winner "Peterhof Ladya - 1" the same as during an official championship. We succeeded in honouring the memory of great M.Tal at the cemetery.

Far on the left is V.Kirillov, author-compiler of the seven-volume book "Michael Tal. Creative work" beside L.V.Petrova, International arbiter.

There is a monument to the seventh world champion at the park, not far from "a statue of Liberty" where he was many times seen, playing at chessboard.

Good-bye, hospitable Riga, and till new meetings!

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