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Impressions of the Participant.

The 18-th time Pardubice receives participants of the festival in chess, bridge and other games. 1704 chess players from 47 countries gathered together at the forum of 18 days! And this year the organizers have carried out a number of new tournaments. In particular, a tournament has passed at a test procedure without fees but with prizes, at this variety of a card play which becomes all the more popular among chess players... I was writing out many times at in detail enough all of charming and demerits of the festival "Czech Open" in Pardubice. It is not worth being repeated. All those wishing to read my past reporting can find them, including the deceased (what a pity!) newspaper "The Chess week". New impressions added are not too many. Something has become better, something, let's say so, simpler. This year all tournaments have been replace to a spare ground of "the Arc Arena" as the principal one proved currently to be in repair.

A "platoon" of participants. Main kind.

It would seem there have been fewer places there and a problem of accommodation the participants will be sharper. It has happened so, but a large ventilating tube has made participants of the principal event feel an effect of breeze. And this chess game has been for many chessplayers a kind of gulp of water in the desert. Famous Russian Grandmaster Evgenie Vasyukov participating for the first time in Pardubice has been looking sometimes very tired both at the end, and during his game play. Getting just an unplanned defeat from my trainer-colleague International master Yu.Bibik, he has, first of all, complained of a physical indisposition. However, an eminent chessplayer managed to score 6 points and get a prize as the best chess veteran. In the main open ("G1" - rapid chess) the victory

has been won by Azerbajaman Grandmaster Sh.Mamedyarov with a 100 percent result. He has been ahead of Sergey Movsesyan (Slovakia) for a half and one point and Victor Laznichka (Czechia). Quite recently Shahriyar has performed worthily on a super tournament in Dortmund, and here he has obviously looked stronger than his rivals. But in the principal tournament V.Laznichka has played alone out of the abovementioned trio, thirdly he has shared the first line with compatriot Vlastimil Babula.

Awarding the winners. This and previous photos are taken from an official site of the festival.

Congratulating Czech Grandmasters, one would like to not (no offence meant to them), that many leading Russian chessplayers who performed in the past years have not participated in the tournament. Being present, Moscow its E.Naer has not played as well, and "number one" of the Czech selection team, may be as a result of his fourteenth place in rapid chess, has decided not to risk his high rating. Really, the top of the principal tournament "A" has looked somewhat "beheaded". There have been two "shestisotniks" (ELO above 2600) in all, thereby ELO- favorite Valilios Kotronias (Greece) did not participate formerly in Czech Opens. The Grandmaster has held the first board only three rounds, and finished just with five points, losing at the end. The density of results and hardness of struggle for leading is better endured by the young generation. It is a pity, by the past year winner, Moscow Grandmaster S.Novikov looked tired after a very complicated tournament in Saratov, N.Aratovsky memorial, as well as a winner of the last Vyacheslav Zakhartsev. They both have gathered only "+2" each. Out of Russian chessplayers V.Potkin, S.Dvoiris and B.Grachyov have continued "the race" to catch the leaders. The first of them has succeeded in taking line in the tournament table. According to additional indices Philipp Schlosser from Germany has been the third.

A young Petersburg master A.Shimanov in case of a victory with White over Polish Grandmaster Piotr Bobras in the last round, has been able to catch the prize trio. However, Alexander has lost, but he has nevertheless managed to score a Grandmaster point, and I congratulate him with the achievement and Roman Lovkov with a master's point norm as well. A.Shimanov has been handed in a prize also as the best junior! The result table you can see on the official site. I offer readers to make acquaintance with the creative chess game of the winner Vlastimil Babula. In a number of games he has obviously been accompanied with luck whereas more "clearly" playing Victor Laznichka has got black pieces against his principal rivals..

The last round where everything has been solved. Nearer to us is a game Ibraev-Laznichka,
and a little farther that at Babula-Olexeenko.

During the festival the organizers have carried out still a lot of tournaments, as I wrote already; there, have been many blitz-tournaments, including team ones. One of them, in which the team has consisted of four players is won by a Russian team "Antikentlura". A selection team, with the same name has won a victory in the football matches as well. It looks like a feat already, as is known, the judging of local referees is not sometimes identical. Their captain has been a well-known chess manager and trainer FIDE master Pavel Drugov. Greeting his organizing achievements and success of his pupils, nevertheless, I would like to wish in public even in a name of a team not to to unite chessplayers in negating somebody, or something. It is at least, nonpedagogical! There has been announced already a five period of the current 19-th festival "Czech Open-2008" 10-27.07. And "Czech Tour" continues its usual receiving guest players. An Olomouts festival has passed already as well. A successful project of the firm AVE-KONTAKT continues to prove its great viability in spite of everything. Let us wish it success!
A brief line.
Tournament "A" 1.V.Babula, 2. V.Laznichka (both Czechia) - on 7,5 points. 3. F.Shlosser (Germany) - 7 points. 4. V.Potkin 11. K.Maslak - 7 points. 16. B.Grachyov, 17. A.Shimanov... 25. E.Vorobyov - 6,5 The results of other petersburgians: 54. R.Lovkov - 6 points (IM norm), 104. O.Birjukov, 115 A.Ivanov - 5,5, 158. A.Smirnov, 167. S.Bystrov - 5, 189. Ju.Bibik, 239. E.Gorovykh, 241. V.Malinin - 4,5, 252. N.Sirotkina, 259. J.Gromova, 299. V.Korchagina - on 4, 323. M.Lupik, 335. E.Kuzevanova - on 3,5, 413. I.Potjavin, 417. E.Kopasov - on 2. Tournament "B" I.Valov, E.Goltsman, M.Aseeva and E.Egorova have scored 6,5 points, V.Mukhlisov - 5,5, A.Kopasov, M.Butuk, H.Mohova, N.Maevsky and A.Dushenok - 5 points each, D.Efremova and G.Polonovsky - 4,5, G.Palchun - 4, J.Astanovskaja - 3,5.

The photo's reporting.

Selective chess games of the festival.

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