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The Fifth International chess tournament among jouniors - "Young stars of the world - 2007".
Vanja Somov's memorial.

Town of Kirishi, Russia14.05-27.05.07

"Young stars of the world - 2007".
Vanja Somov's memorial with IGM norm.

14.05-27.05.2007, Vanja Somov's memorial.

Complement of participants and time-limit regulation.

Complement of participants and time-limit regulation. In May, 14 tol May, 28 the V International chess tournament in Vanya Somov's memory "World Young Stars" will take place "OOO PO "Kirishinefteorgsintez" (further on - KINEF). The tournament is aimed at popularization chess sports, must attract attention to developing just children's chess in Russia, to extending contacts between young chessplayers of different countries. The tournament will be forestalled by a press- conference which takes place in KINEF presentation office, address: Moika river embankment, building №57. A solemn opening of competitions will held in KINEF Culture Palace (town of Kirishi) at 15.30, May 15. Twelve strongest young chessplayers of the world from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bielorussia, Germany, India, Ukraine and Russia are invited to participate in a traditional tournament. Among the participants there are champions of the world, Europe and Asia in their age categories. Director of tournament is Gennady Nesis, awarded master of sport, ICCF International Grandmaster, FIDE Senior Trainer, awarded trainer of Russia. Main referee is an International arbiter Yakov Zinder. Executing director is Arkady Kor. The tournament is being conducted in one circular according to a circular system and valid FIDE rules. A norm to win International Grandmaster's point is established at the tournament. At different years winners of the tournament were Yan Nepomniashchy, (Russia, 2003), Ildar Khairulin, (Russia, 2004), Sergey Karyakin, (Ukraine, 2005), Ivan Popov, (Russia, 2006). The tournament promises to be striking and remaining in memory. This year, May 21 and 22, within the framework of competitions a Grandmaster tournament (rapid chess) will be carried out for Cup of G.E.Nesis being arranged for his 60-iety anniversary. Pupils, students and trustees of the jubilee hero, Grandmasters Alexander Khalifman, Konstantin Sakaev, Evgeniy Alekseev, Dmitry Komarov, Sergey Janovsky and Maxim Novik will take part in this tournament. At the day of opening, May, 15, one of the strongest Grandmaster of Ukraine, Alexander Areshchenko will perform his simultaneous game display "World Young Stars" tournament is all the more known and popular with the circles of world chess elite where young talents are enabled not only to polish their chess mastership, increase their rating, but to fulfill point norms for getting International titles. Chessplayers win first three places will be awarded with valuable prizes, diplomas and medals. There are established prizes for various creative play achievements. For the first time in history of the world youth chess tournament is worth of 11-th category and there are five Grandmasters among the participants, and Yan Nepomniashchy is waiting for being conferred the title. Good wishes to tournament participants have been expressed by governor of Leningrad region, chairman of the organizing committee Valery Serdyukov, president of the Russian chess federation Alexander Zhukov, and World champion of chess Vladimir Kramnik. The participants are accommodated at the hotel "Yunost". As a receiving party the KINEF makes comfortable conditions for play and rest of young chessplayers. There are fine technical capabilities for journalist to work at the press-centre of the tournament KINEF Press-service.
Tel./fax (881368) 97400.

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1. Yan Nepomnjashchy (Russia) 1990 w.b., ELO 2602, IM
2. Ivan Popov (Russia), 1990 w.b., ELO 2533, IM
3. Avetik Grigoryan (Armenia), 1989 w.b., ELO 2455, IM
4. Eltai Safarli (Azerbajan), 1992 w.b., ELO 2463, IM
5. Daniil Linchevski (Russia), 1990 w.b., ELO 2445, IM
6. Sergei Zhigalko (Bielorussia), 1989 w.b, ELO 2540, IGM
7. Zaven Andriasian (Armenia), 1989 w.b., ELO 2523, IGM
8. Falko Bindrich (Germany), 1990 w.b., ELO 2469, IM
9. Yuriy Kuzubov (Ukraine), 1990 w.b., ELO 2545, IGM
10. Rauf Mamedov (Azerbajan), 1988 w.b., ELO 2584 IGM
11. Parimarjan Negi (India), 1993 w.b. ELO 2515, IGM
12. Eduad Gorovykh (Russia), 1990 w.b., ELO 2416


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