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Hopes are quite justified.

Have imperceptibly flown by three days, for which six juniors have played the nominations in three tournaments on a fast chess, "Fisher's Chess" or as them now name "Chess-960", in lighting tournament with the strongest chess players of club "Gambit ", and also have tried force with the game chess program "Fritz-9". Last, the truth, for all have lost. The festival has expanded a calendar of the competitions spent in Leningrad region, and all North-West FD of the Russian Federation and passed at support Chess Federation of North-West FD the Russian Federation. Though, for the sake of justice, it is necessary to recognize, that four representatives of Leningrad region, and two petersburgers participated in it. She is Maria Butuk and Kirill Alekseenko. Organizers have proved pioneers. By way of experiment children have been put in rigid time frameworks, they had to be switched from one control over another. And it is not surprising, that the success here inevitably should accompany the most tempted in participation in large competitions. Tournaments on "Chess-960" among юниоров it is spent for the first time, children mastered this game literally "from wheels". It is necessary to notice, that the seminar, devoted to studying of specificity of game in "Chess - 960", but, certainly, was held to practice a due measure there was no opportunity. And over this situation was taken priority by the most skilled Maria Butuk. However, the festival sensationally has begun. All the same Maria Butuk, by estimations of skilled experts, was the most probable winner of competition, in the first tournament on a fast chess takes the sixth place. And other FIDE master Kirill Alekseenko has achieved success. Density of results the participants who have occupied places with first on fifth all the floor of a spot! The organization of festival was as always at height. Participants, as well as their trainers, have been placed in expensive hotel "Younost", provided with a feed and all necessary. Games played in Koronny hall of Culture Palace. The general management of carrying out of festival carried out Open Company "KINEF". Tournament director Gennady Nesis and executive director Arkady Kor were, as always, at height solving all arising collisions up to festival and on a course of its carrying out. It is enough to tell, that E.Alekseev unexpectedly was ill, and the session of simultaneous game should be given A.Ganichev's trainer, international master Alexei Juneev. Examiner Alexey Mihajlovich had appeared strict and has won all games against the contenders. Coming back to festival, it would be desirable to tell, that all young hopes have proved true sportsmen, struggled up to the end, sometimes already in desperate situations. Viewings were not rare, but also integral games too took place. Such festivals, certainly, are taking place necessary. However, it would be desirable to increase, for certain, number of participants and to expand their geography. Games of tournaments on a fast chess and "Chess - 960" were broadcast to the Chess in the Internet and on the big screen for the spectators, being in a hall. I shall notice, what even the world championship on "Chess - 960" in German city of Mainz in the Internet "alive" was not transferred the Chess. So, as they say, judge, how many new it was offered and it is realized on hospitable in Kirishi. There is a probability, that this year we all become witnesses as young "stars" compete. And as soon as terms and a format of the future festivals will be defined, we necessarily shall inform you. For now, all thanks, and up to new meetings! In conclusion of the small picture story from closing festival it is offered to your attention. From it, as well as from four previous reporting, you will gather the information which to duplicate, the right, has no reason!

Arcady Kor, executive director of festival, hands over to birthday man a memorable gift to Evgeny Polonovsky.

Gennady Nesis, director of festival has a word for closing tournament.

The winner in multiathlon - Kirill Alekseenko, him trainer is international master Vladimir Shushpanov.

The second - Alexander Ganichev, he has shown the best result in blitz tournament.

Maria Butuk as a result the third, but she was winner of tournament in "Fisher's chess"!

To Evgenie Polonovskomu the most experienced J.D.Zinder's advice for certain will help with future to be with a prize-winning three. This time he is the fourth.

Kirishanin Vladislav Smirnov still does not have experience, but played he it is energetic and it is dared!

Someone should be in such tournament and the sixth! Failure in "Chess-960" has brought. But to be afflicted not time, and this bitter experience to Vadim quite on forces to turn on advantage.

Best of chess club "Gambit" team Sergey Semenenko receives a prize from hands of director of club Svetlana Jakovleva.

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