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Blitz tournaments always differ by increased interest to them.
especially when there are chess players of different age...

Anatoly Pavlov, champion North-West FO of Russian Federation among veterans play against the winner of a cup of Leningrad region Vadim Pishchikov among juniors.

Denis Pavlov himself not so long ago would play in a team of the contenders,
but time is relentless...

Evgenie Polonovsky and in the birthday play chess.
Today he has skilled contenders.

To the girl to battle to men not easily and behind a chessboard,
but Maria struggles adequately!

The youngest participant Kirill Alekseenko... What will win, a youth, or experience? A question as always rhetorical!

"Young hopes of the North-West" are ready to meet on the chessboard with IGM Konstantin Sakaev.

Festival director Gennady Nesis are representatived to participants of a session of simultaneous game of IGM Konstantin Sakaev and IM Alexey Juneev's He has replaced by IGM Evgenie Alekseev (he is unexpected ill).

The Chess players of "Gambit" chess club pending meetings with International master A.M.Juneev.

K.Sakaev was necessary hardly during a session with "Young hopes of North-West".
Unique drawn game has managed to achieve Alexander Ganichev.

After a session of simultaneous game Konstantin Sakaev has given interview to the correspondent 5th channel of TV to Ernest Serebrjannikov.

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