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Before start of the festival in Day of the Defender of Fatherland, February, 23rd. The chief arbiter veteran of Great Patriotic war International arbiter Jakov Zinder looks at hours...

In auditorium hall pupils chess club Gambit", and his director Svetlana Jakovleva also

Last preparations. Translation games in the Internet is made by "Shahcom" firm on behalf of director Boris Eshan (at the left).

Everything is ready to the beginning of tournament on a fast chess " Young hopes of the North-West".

Director of festival the deserved trainer of Russia Gennady Nesis has a salutatory word.

Transfer the moves on the screen, and also in the Internet takes place normally.

Battle with chess program Fritz9 still ahead, but computers are already prepared.

На верхupdate 05-11-2008 

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