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Patria lui Vlad Dracula or Rumanian story - 2.

The second year running I have taken part at the open "Trofeul-Cup" tournament in Eforia-Nord city. The sixteenth time they are conducted by Gueorgue Cristian, Rumanian well-known FIDE organizer. For the first time it was conducted there in 1988 and assembled 603 participants. Chessplayers played in several tournaments. After the revolution of 1989 the number of wishing to play became less and level of living of the most citizens of the country drooped too. The organizers conduct the tournament counting on the mass body of participants, including children and veterans. Sometimes still, in different years, famous now chessplayers L.D.Nisipeanu and A.Istratescu, leaders of the Rumanian selection team, participated therein. Out of Russians, A.Kostenyuk, V.Zilberstein, V.Zhidkov, St.-Petersburg champion D.Evseyw and other played in these tournaments. Now the participants' body has changed substantially as compared to the past year. Vassily Sandulyak, international master from Beltzi town (Moldova) has become ELO - favourite. The second line has belonged to his colleague in rank, Moscow student Alexander Kharitonov. A group of the strong chessplayers such as Grandmaster Anna Shusterman, International master V.Slovineanu, and S.Podgursky, A.Madan, D.Vicol and others as well has come from Moldova. Russian chessplayers have come, in the main, from Moscow. The three, including the author of these lines, from St.-Petersburg... In total, thirteen possessors of the International rank out of 78 participants have played in tournament. Many times in the Rumanian tournaments took part International master Maxim Orlinkov, Master candidates P.Rozanov, K.Israelyants.

A small retrospection. They like and estimate chess in Rumania; it is supported by the state as all the sports on the whole. Not all probably know that they conduct the team championship between clubs in the three divisions. In the first one, 10 teams play on a circular basis, in the second, 20 teams make up a tournament on a Swiss basis. There is a third division as well. It is a country championship among towns. That is somewhat our forgotten "Spartakiad in miniature". In all three divisions the team body, are six men, two women, a junior and a girl. Thereby not more than two foreigners may play in each team. For the strongest "RATB" club play A.Motylyov, V.Iordanescu, D.Rogosenko, M.Marin, and another titled "VENUS" club (water) is headed by L.D.Nicipeany and A.Istratescu. The system of "identify" of all chessplayers to the certain chess clubs exists here for a long time. It allows every chessplayer to perfect himself in numerous tournaments, individual and team. There are two leagues of club championships. Having successes, one can get a stipend grant and one paid trip to a tournament a year. It is understood, without saying about Grandmasters, the leading masters "grow" in more favourable environment. One must say, the lightning has thundered at the day of tournament beginning and during the night. The strongest rain has wondered even the old-timers of those localities. It is known the tornado "has passed" over the territory of Moldova and some areas of Rumania, causing a significant damage. The windows "have watered" at the hotel where we lived. Such a picture I have observed for the first time. We have had to put glasses and dishes and to lay towels. It is not so sweet an occupation. This tropical cloud-burst has been not for the first time already. Two days before our coming there were precipitations. Thus, monotonous mosquito singing has followed us without interruption nearly to the end of the tournament. I note by the way that all Rumania has emotional very much over terroristic acts in Moscow and Beslan. News issues over three national channels have regularly begun with reporting the tragic-for-our Motherland events. The British BBC telecompany has operated very professionally as well. The organizers have transferred the first chess round to the following day, and then the participants have played two games a day!

There has been no fighting for the first place. Practically during the entire tournament A.Kharitonov has been the leader. And he has become the winner with a score of 9.5 points out of 11. The second place has been taken by young but already experienced Rumanian master of FIDE V.Nemet. He has fallen behind the winner for one point. The third has been V.Sandulyak, eight points. In a number of prize-winners M.Orlinkov has got 7.5 points, the sixth place. V.Lyamin has got similar points and the ninth place according to "Buchholz". Anna Shusterman has the eighth place. The tournament has been well-organized, the chessplayers have played in a good spacious hall, well-ventilated and - illumined, being quite at ten meters from the sea. And the sea together with the sun has continued to enjoy, all the players and those having rest there, irrespective of their citizenship and age... The weather has been warm, but not hot. The beach has begun being empty only at the beginning of September. Irrespective his 18 years, Alexander Kharitonov is an experienced chessplayer already. European chess champion of 2002 among juniors till 16 years, vice-champion of the world of 2003 till 18 years. However, one cannot enumerate all his ranks and decorations!

- Alexander, I congratulate you personally and from the readers of "The chess Week" with a current success. Judging by the result, the victory has come to you easily. Is it so? What games can you single out?

- Quite not at all. My rivals have played stubbornly and inventively, but I have proved to be stronger. Here are fragments from my tournament creative work which are worth of attention.

V.Sandulyak - A.Kharitonov

"Trofeul Centrocoop", Eforia Nord, Rumania, 2004г.

23...Nd5!? A positional sacrifice quality. I think T.Petrosyan would be pleased! By the way, "computer's intelligence" suggests this move first of all

24.Bxd8 Rxd8 25.Qb3?! Defending from taking "g3" pawn. More stubborn is 25. Kh1 or 25. Qa3.

25...Kb8 More energetic is 25... Ne3!? 26. Rfe1 (after 26.fxe3 Qxg3 27. Rc3 Qxh4 28. Rxf7 Qe1+ 29. Kh2 h4' Black makes perilous threats to the White king.) 26... Nxg2 27. Kxg2 (27. Nxg2 Qf6 28. Qc2 don't solve defence problems in view of 28... Qf3! 29. Ne3 h4) 27. ...Qf6 28. Qc2 Ba5! 29. Rf1 (29. Re3? Rd2°) 29. ...Rd2 and terrible Bishops supported by heavy pieces give Black a decisive advantage: 30. Qe4 Be6!? 31. Qe3 Rxb2 32. Qxa7 Bb6 33. Qa8+ Kc7-+]

26.a4 f5 27.Bxd5 cxd5 28.Ng2 White still cannot defend, Black's initiative develops by itself.

28...h4! 29.Nxh4 f4 30.Kg2 d4 31.Qd3 Qd5+ 32.f3 fxg3 33.Rfe1?
Chances to be safe have depended upon 33. Qb5 Qxb5 34.axb5 here Black's advantage is incontestable, though.

33...Bd7 34.b3 Rh8 35.Re4 Qg5 36.Rh1 Bc6 37.a5 White gives back the quality, but outcome of the game is predetermined. It has followed still

37...Bxe4 38.Qxe4 Qxa5 39.Kxg3 Qg5+ 40.Qg4 Bd8 0-1

- Tell me about yourself something. When and where did you begin to study chess, who helps you now?

- Before moving to Moscow, mother and I lived in Obninsk town, Kaluga region. It is an hour and half of going from Moscow. I had often to visit the capital. There International Grandmaster Merited trainer I.A.Zaitzev has studied with me already for many years (from being ten years old). He has helped me very much in my chess making. Grandmaster S.Janovsky renders support to me during trips to European and world championships. And one time I studied under well-known trainer, master V.V.Wulfson.

- And how have you graduated from school, where are you perfecting your education?

- I have graduated from school with the golden medal, now I have passed the second course of the RGSU (chess chair). Grandmaster A.V.Kalinin and International master A.Akhmetov are teaching there.

- What plans are you making for your chess future and what will you do further on?

- I'm about to become a Grandmaster and to combine participation in tournaments with trainer's work.

- To tell you the truth, I've expressed my doubts about advisability of such an approach. Nevertheless, the golden medal, speaks of outstanding abilities of Alexander and they can be used in other spheres of life. Here Alexander's mother Larissa Vassilyevna has entered actively into the conversation. She is supporting her son's choosing and is considering that work must enjoy a man. In other words, he must like it. She has been busy already for many years with finding money for trips to tournaments, playing a role of manager till that day. She remembers that Obninsk employers helped them in former days. It was before moving to Moscow... I've wished Alexander success at the coming world chess championship among juniors till 18 years old which will start of Crete Bland in November. Speaking of advantages of Rumanian tournaments, one may note the following. Fine and cheap accommodation sun, sea, and adequate tournaments for choosing and unobtrusive service somewhat reminding our native one makes sojourn beyond boundaries of Russia unlike it! No feeling at all that you are abroad! They don't understand Russian enough, but they understand your English. And if you know Italian, there are no problems generally speaking in intercourse. They produce fine wines in Rumania and wine distillery "Murfatlar" is known to all Europe... The tournament report was not complete, if not to mention one episode. It has taken place in the chess game of V.Doncha (Rumania) - S.Podgursky (Moldova).

V.Doncha (Rumania) - S.Podgursky (Moldova).

"Trofeul Centrocoop", Eforia Nord, Rumania, 2004г.

At first Black has played to win and "let slide' the time. In a diagram position Black has to show a certain accuracy, in order to reach a draw. Here Black has played

75... Kf4, switched the clock, called a referee and required a draw. The game has gone with the use of electronic clock ("Saitec" firm); Black has had 5-10 seconds left. His partner seeing the clock switch has made his move

76.Крf8. Here Black's time has been out. The main referee of the tournament International arbiter Gueorgue Candeya who has been present hereby has registered a draw result. V.Doncha who has played White has not agreed with his decision referring to a respective item of the rules. Appellation committee has satisfied his requirement and cancelled the referee's decision nevertheless recognizing that the position is a draw. As president of the appellation committee L.S.Shusterman has informed me the decision has not been taken unanimously. One may comment the actions of appellation committee differently, but the fact is on hand. The rules must be observed strictly, without making a move to stop the clock and call a referee. If the clock is of "over sea brand" and unknown construction, one must make certain oneself how it can be stopped. By the way, as S.Podgursky has said afterwards he did not know how it was done. Next year Rumanian organizers and the Rumanian littoral of the Black Sea will receive again chessplayers and simply tourists who wish to play chess, have rest and strengthen health altogether. S.E.Zeitlin at the CChC (Central Chess Club) is busy with organizing trips to tournaments which pass two times a year. Moldavian chessplayers headed by International master L.S.Shusterman, director of the chess school in Beltzi town will join "the Moscow group" in Kishinev.

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