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Hello dear chessfriends!

I offer a new project for Your judgement which will be as a matter of fact continuation of the very Important, in my opinion, affairs begun by my colleague Murad Amannazarov. The question will be new and old books. All of us had some first book, which we sometimes recollect with pleasure as about the first love. It is too much to convince someone, that the perfection of practically any level chessplayer is impossible without educational books. One is deeply mistaken who belives that necessity and requirement for books will disappear due to gathering strength computer. Certainly, only time and own experience is an objective arbiter in any question at issue. Well, say, interest to the cinema has not gone yet (a forgotten word already which has for a long time raised just on a shelf) with occurrence of the vidio, people have not stopped going to concerts and a philarmonic society with that of even supermodern musical centres allowing to enjoy digital quality sound of music. My purpose is not direct advertising of book and journal production on the chess field, but an attempt to create a reference point, an original compass which will help readers of Internets sites to find for themselves something in ever increasing current of new books something appealing what could correspond to their interests. My first release is published in significant time. FIDE World championship is carried out in the Kremlin it will be carried out, and in ten minutes of walking from it " two great "K" V.Kramnik and G.Kasparov " have crossed swords" within the framework of M.Botvinnika's memorial in the Kolonny Hall of the House of the Unions.

And the first book which will be spoken of is two-volume book "Boris Spassky" by N.Krogius, A.Golubev and L.Gutseit and is devoted, as many have guessed already, to the creative work of the tenth chess king Boris Vassil'evich Spassky. This edition is very similar to "744 Bobby Fisher's games", only paper here is more better, and all the games (198! of them) are commented the champion himself, or by some colleagues - champions, or "simple" by Grandmasters. Authors of the project wanted, that Boris Spassky would write about himself, but alas... And then Nikolay Vladimirovich Krogius with whom the champion was connected during many years of teamwork and participation in chess competitions at the highest level has undertaken the business. "The book was planned to be a monography not only ascertaining those or other facts in Spassky's biography, but also as attempt to understand and explain an untrivial career of the outstanding Russian chessplayer". I had luck to see off Boris Vassil'evich when he came back from one of the private trips to Paris. The publication of the two-volume book was planned in 1997, however it was issued only right at the end of 2000.

However, and it has not been all yet. The book has reached the reader in the middle of the passing year. At the airport "Pulkovo-2" Boris Vassil'evich has looked slightly tired, however, he has given his autograph with pleasure as a keepsake for small pupils of the club carrying his name in St.Petersburg-Leningrad, the city which gave the tenth chess king to chessplayers of the whole world. The first volume covers his creative period from 1949 to 1969, and the second does from 1969 to 1996. All statistical data of performance of Boris Vassil'evich are cited therein. The book abounds the photos made at different period of his life and creative work and is designed for the broad audience of readers from beginning up to Grandmasters. The two-volume book is issued in Russian for the first time on the native Land of the champion.

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