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Life's book of Yury Ryzhkov.

How do you do, dear chess amateurs!

In the Petersburg Publication House "Levsha" a new book "The Wisdom of Nature, the Divine chess" of the well-known investigator of history of Chess Origin, author of the patented invention USSR Chess Master of sports Yu.P.Ryzhkov, was issued. Yury Petrovich offers a work on esoteric theory of chess origin chess, when the name of the father of chess Hermes Trismegist, thrice the Greatest, God THOTH was calculated out of magic chess (8х8=64). Hermes Trismegist was a Supreme Ruler and priest of Atlantis; he is also god THOTH of Ancient Egypt, who had shown Drunvalo Melkhisedek (USA) elements of sacral geometry.

The book deals with associations and conformities of the Harmony of matrices of energy-field structures of the Man with the Matrix of the Galactic module of the Solar system and Earth planets, Cosmos and Universes with a Matrix of complex Divine chess (Canon of Leonardo da Vinci, Galactic Module of Maya, magic squares of the ancient, Duerer's and Franklin's squares); formulated are new hypotheses. Author shows the chess structure (8 x 8=64) is the basis of codones (structures) of the human body which correspond to Leonardo da Vinci's canon. Yu.P.Ryzhkov has revealed the correspondence of the chess structure and D.Mendeleev's periodic system, when the first 64 correspond completely to them; and beginning from the 65th elements, there begins the CHAOS. On the basis of magic chess the author invented a law of the multiplication table (8 x 8=64), the arithmetical and geometrical proportion of the chessboard being taken as a principle. The invention was numbered № 67311 20.06.2006. Three libraries of recommended literature are indicated in the book:
1. The Library of books "Mysteries and enigmas of the Earth".
2. The library of the UFO.
3. The library of books of esoteric and mystic literature.
Yury Petrovich has investigated six new magic squares and shown their association with a chess magic square. The ancient chess play system "Almujannah" was deciphered. "Jesus Christ's Commentaries of the books "Divine Chess" were singled out as a separate chapter, given accurate dates of history of civilizations on the planet, fortunes of the famous modern and past chessplayer, an address ordered by the Hierarchies of the Light to all people of the planet in December 27, 2004. On the base of properties of the material world author deals with elements of the Thin World and Divine qualities of the Man, comments 400 books of the esoteric and mystic literature, of the UFO and Mysteries of the Earth planet. Ryzhkov has not forgotten that he is a sports master of the USSR in chess, 36 memorable games of Yury Petrovich are given in the book with his short comments, and methods of amassment of positions. He had also future Grandmasters such as most famous P.Svidler, G.Kamsky and L.Yudasin among his beaten rivals. I shall bring the names of some chapters of the first book to monography "Ezoterics in chess":
- The Classic theory of origin of chess.
- The Esoteric theory of the origin chess.
- About the Divine structure of the man.
- Non-traditional recipes for health and longevity.
- Esoteric forecast of the Earth up to 2012.
There is much channeling information in the book, i.e., a source of information is outside our material world, and a conductor (receiver) is usually called a medium (channeller). E.P.Blavatskaya, E.Kasey (USA) are the eminent medium. At present the messages of the Magnetic Master Krayon, transmitting his books through the channeller Li Carrol (USA) have been listened to and demonstrated visually in the United National building, for example,
a channeling of November 13, 2009.
And this was done the seventh time, beginning from 1995.
Very interesting channeling information was got by me from my friend IM Sergey Dyachkov (N.Tagil, Russia) from Sefera, "Intergalactic Meeting with Arcturian Guards", December 24, 2009.
The Book is designed for searching truth reader.

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