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"Hot ten group - 2009".
The review of novelty books.

How do you do, dear chess amateurs!

First of all, dear chess Readers, allow me to congratulate You though later, with the year 2010 that already come! As always I wish you strong health, happiness, success, good luck... and everything you would like for yourselves. The Year of the white tiger as we know will come in according to Chinese calendar in February 14, but its talisman is already walking boldly in virtual and quite terrestrial space, making us think of what the coming year is preparing for us. I hope to tell You much about this subject, but not today... I have not been writing book review on the pages of my site for two years. And the site is complete 10 years soon, a full date of existence in a global world web! This is in the coming year, but 10 years ago a real internet-resource only began being developed. And the deal was not so simple all well wishers were in our city, which dissuaded me to create the site and called to "co-operate" on the base of virtual chess mass-media available! As it is speaking: "Some are no more and other is far away". Much was changed for these years near not idle time! It is no secret that in our galloping time a proverb "time is money" has changed for a new one "each moment is dearest of previous", and turning to the book subject under the angle of the last promise I shall try to point out "hot -ten" books of past year! As always many good books are issued by Moscow publishers "Ripol-Classicist", "Ast-Astreli", "Russian Chess House", and little by Petersburg "Biont". These are undoubted leaders in Russian-language book space! However, Petersburg authors and publishers such as V.Kostrov and S.Soloviov pass on "the bridles" of realization, and publication of their masterpiece to capital managers. And they do it not from a "good life", but for the sake of need! In his leading article titled "What is to be read on the beach", 8/2009, p.2 editor-in-chief of the "64-chess review" Mr M.Glukhovsky, offers to study "two excellent books" which noticeably stand out on "background of the waste-paper, which filled up the shops". I share with pleasure a point of view of the Moscow professional journalist. I point out to those who have not read that article that in the current review these books are given under number two and three. However, I would like not confirm so categorically on the part of waste-paper". The book wastepaper is not know to me personally, in any case chess books of the past year "printouts". But magazines fairly often go into scrap not even read, and new ones! Particularly if they must spread in train and planes. But the authors and publishers are to blame here, they have no power over the created intellectual product anymore! But let us not speak of gloomy things! The undoubted leader as to the books on sale and the rest nomination as well were and remain the monographs by G.Kasparov! The second and third places are know, too. Three-prize bestsellers stand out, may a pedestal be given!

1. Kasparov G.K. in co-operation with Plisetsckiy D.G. The Great Opposition. My duel with Anatoliy Karpov. 1986-1987, M.,2009.,p.464. 450 rubles.

"A new project "The modern chess" by Garry Kasparov is a continuation of his unique five-volume "My great predecessors". Summing up chess development in the 20th century, author says about the openings revolution of 70-ies and 80-ies, about all his duel with Anatoliy Karpov, comments their own best games and matches with computer. This volume, second out of the three dedicated to the historic single combat of Kasparov and Karpov, includes two matches for world chess crown (1986 and 1987) between them."

2. Vishwanatan Anand "My best games. Chess confession of World champion". M.,2009., p.392. 400 rubles.

"Vishi Anand acting world champion is single in history, who has conquered the highest title in competitions of three various formats: a knockout system (2000), circuit-tournament (2007) and a match (2008.). Just for two decennial events already the Indian sorcerer falls into the Grandmaster elite, his bright, original idea games cause the delight of a millions of chess amateurs. Anand's best games collection with his own deep and witty commentaries is by right a bestseller in the West, and finally it becomes available to Russian reader!"

3. John Nunn. "Secrets of practical chess". M., 2009., p.304, 350 rubles.

"In the West this book by John Nunn, a pretender to world chess crown, Olympic champion in the assembly team body of England and Doctor of mathematicians holding more than one office, has already became for long a bestseller. The new, noticeably extended publishing is being issued finally in Russian. How to calculate variants correctly and fight with letting chess slips, how to attack the worst positions expertly, how to choose opening repertoire and eliminate incompetence in endgame, how to work with computer, and what chess books are to be read, the answers to these and many questions will be found in the book. It is designed for a wide circle of the chess amateurs".

To distribute clear-cut the seven places of "hot ten" left one may share them by nominations, therefore without pretending for absolute truth, I have done it as follows.
4. Alexander Alekhine. The Complete Game Collection with author's commentaries. Vol. 1 1905-1920 M., 2009, p.336. 340 rubles.

"The first Russian world chess champion Alexander Alekhine fell into history not only as winner of most tournament and matches and creator of hundreds of masterpieces of chess creative work. He is also considered rightfully one of the most prominent annalists of all times - Alekhine's commentaries are distinguished with depth and objectivity, clear interpretation of ideas concluded in positions. All (this world is to be done in italics) Alekhine's games with author's notes are for the first time being collected in this publication. Many of them at present may be found only in old magazines, and some earlier were not been published in Russian language. Achievements of the modern computer analysis are taken into account in editorial notes."

5. V.Tukmakov "Profession is a chessplayer. M., 2009, p.272. 330 rubles.

"Vladimir Tukmakov is one of leading Grandmasters of the legendary "golden age" Pleiades of Soviet chess school, Olympic champion, three times silver-prize-winner of USSR championship, and prize-winner of many large international tournaments. He is been a main trainer of the assembly team of Ukraine, a team of stars, which conquered brilliantly guided by him in Kalvia Olympiad 2004. The author has selected and commented in detail the most memorable and instructive games for the book, moreover he has done it from present-day glance position of trainer opening erudite and world name and fame specialist. The book is an original manual, all critical diagram positions are accompanied with task problems. Solving these exercises problems and comparing the answers with author's recommendation, you will be able to reveal your own weak and strong points and achieve the progress in all stages of the play."

6. Bologan Viorel "The King-Indian Defence. Repertoire for Black. St.Petersburg, 2009., p.352. 440 rubles.

"A new work International Grandmaster Viorel Bologan is dedicated to one of the most popular and modern combat openings, King-Indian Defence. The author forms up the whole perimeter of the Black's defence, explains the standard plans and practical methods, offers a number of novelties in actual scheme. The book is addressed to any level chessplayers since the King-Indian Defence laws are alike both for amateurs and professional chessplayers".

7. G.Timoschenko "The Opening repertoire of Master to come. The Art of Chess". M.,2009., p.240, 280 rubles.

"The book in your hand has no equals. It is written by a person, who is not in need of presentation in the chess world...The book is easily so it is accessible even to the beginnings. Clear combinations and comprehensible tactics are useful for you not in one game only and will help to take a broader look at chess."

8. A.Raetsky and M.Chetverik "Accepted Queen's Gambit". M., 2009, p.320, 390 rubles.

"Grandmaster Rayetsky and International Master Max Chetverik are well-known though their own works, in the main, on the theory of openings. Their works have been published in Russia, England, and Germany. This book is dedicated to the Accepted Queen's Gambit which the authors consider to be the most principle answer to 1.d4. The knowledge of standard position of the opening will help to increase a general mental outlook of the chess-player, since the gambit is related to many other openings. The book is distinguishes with non-standard presenting of material based upon many intersecting games of many strong Grandmasters, which were in the main, played in the last 10-15 years. Authors use their rich experience. The book will be interesting both to chess amateurs and professional players."

9. John Nunn "Grandmaster's Secrets". A new extended publication of modern classics. M., 2009, p.384, 260 rubles.

"In this book are presented: the 24 best and most instructive games of parties John Nunn, excellent instructions on strategy and tactics; advices, how to think at the chessboard, and the facts from the world of professional chess."

10. A. V. Khalifman "The White's Opening by Anand, Volume 12 (Rauzer Attack) St.Petersburg, 2009, p.272. 390 rubles.

"In twelfth volume Petersburg Grandmaster Alexander Khalifman speaks of Rauzer attack in the Sicilial defense. As always the author offers a number of new ideas due to which those who play White can reckon to get advantage. The hard cover,"

Here I bring 15 books "in short notation" worthy of miscellaneous auditorium. This is a far from full list of the publications which were issued in past year. From known to the rest of them may be found in a section "novelty book". There they get along peacefully with the freshest, having been already issued from unclear the printing press in this 2010 already! Ladies and gentlemen, please buy and read these books! Prices are lowest considerably and approximate greatly to Moscow ones. And though dependence between education as composition and culture is not straight line nevertheless it exists! Hardly anybody will refuse from these two virtues for their own children and for himself personally!
11. A.Kostenyuk "Diary books of the chess queen", M., 2009, p.300, 310 rubles.
12. A.Khalifman "White's opening by Anand 1.е4. Volume 11 Dragon variation", SpB, 2009, p.424. 450 rubles.
13. M.Dvoretsky and O. Pervakov "Studies for practical chessplayers", M., 2009, p.240, 310 rubles.
14. N.Kalininichenko "Attacking the king. The art of attack", M., 2009, p.336, 280 rubles.
15. A.Beliavsky, A.Mikhaichishin, O.Stetsko "Strategy of the insolated pawn", M., 2009, p.200, 240 rubles.
16. A.Volokitin, V.Grabinskiy "Manual for wonder kinds", M., 2009, p.192, 260 rubles.
17. A.Mikhalchishin, O.Stetsko "Strategy of hanging pawn", M., 2009, p.208, 240 rubles.
18. Suetin A.S. "Chess. The Art of middle game play, M., 2009, 290 rubles.
19. Grekov N.I. (Compiler-Autor) "Alekhine's Triumph in Baden - Baden", M., 2009, 340 rubles.
20. Ya.Neishtadt "Your decisive move. Manual of Chess combination l. Practical work." M., 2009, p.320, 310 rubles.
21. L.Nikolaev "Estimation and payment", Kiev, 2009, p.300, 520 rubles.
22. V.Kostrov, P.Rozhkov "1000 chess problems. Solver. 1 year", M., 2009, p. 96, 80 rubles.
23. V.Kostrov, P.Rozhkov "1000 chess problems. Solver. 2 year", M., 2009, p. 96, 80 rubles
24. V.Kostrov, P.Rozhkov "1000 chess problems. Solver. 3 year ", M., 2009, p. 126, 90 rubles.
25. A.Alekhine "Arian and Jewish Chess", M., 2009, p.64, 140 rubles.

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