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Kirishi city, Russia. Start date: 17.06.04 End date: 29.06.04


Chess festival
in Kirishi

Scenario of the second tournament "Young Stars of the World"

reminds to me very much the first one and the most of participants have wandered from it. The new ELO - favourites by far not always have "broken with peace" and not only competed in accuracy of hitting "the stars of less caliber". Nevertheless, it has been the other tournament. Some juniors have got stronger for a year, and some have not used their chances. But none is worse off. To ones are glory and recognition to others, experience and instructive lessons for the time to come. Chess amateurs of Russia still little know of the strongest juniors who have given the lead in the present tournament. I am talking of the representatives of the neighbour Slav countries, Byelorussia and Ukraine. How the young "chess stars" improve their play, what knowledge they master, why their chess results grow like "mushrooms after the rain". I have succeeded in bringing to light that Sergey Zhigalko together with his brother Andrei study in the main independently six-eight hours a day. Public trainer of Byelorussia, International Master E.V.Mochalov helps the boys as far as possible. Sergey plays in tournaments regularly and rather often. Incidentally, other juniors who want to become strong players also do the same. Father of the boys' master of free-style-wrestling sports professes methodical system training. They do not neglect sports training and psychological preparation. Parallel with chess, Sergey up to 12 years was busy with big tennis and won three tournaments among his age-equals. He has free attendance of school lessons Football and general physical training contribute to the strengthening of self-confidence and stamina what is very important for long chess duels. A bill of two trips a year is paid the rest is due to the family's financial resources. International Master Yury Kuzubov has achieved high results. He himself is from Kramatorsk (this town is famous for a long time, it is no mere chance, remember, if only, R.Ponomarev and S.Karyakin), a pupil of the Donetsk regional chess club named after A.V.Momot, two-times champion of Ukraine up to 12 years old in 2001 and 2002. He is trained by the Merited trainer of Ukraine, International Master A.Alexikov. A lot is written about the chessplayers of Russia Dmitry Andreikin, Jan Nepomnyatschy and Il'dar Hairullin. They all are the final players of men's championship of Russia. And it is still short to say about our quest from the "foggy Albion", an Englishman of Japanese origin! I am talking still of David Howell. He studied chess beginning at six but not regularly, and he has not a regular trainer. It is explained by the fact that David learns at a prestige school and lessons continue there till late in the evening. Periodically he is trained for competitions by one of English Grandmasters. He has several points of the International Master (!). And this is in studying irregularly! Anyhow, either he is over modest, or he is truly a wonder child (Wunderkind)! The favourite food is pizza. He is not satisfied very much with his result; however he considers the tournament to be strong and useful for his strengthening. David tried to make contact with other participants but in English only. These tries were not a success. But in Russian he has just mastered some words... And the chessplayer of good prospects from St-Petersburg's suburb-Pushkin Maxim Matlakov has been thrown may be out of balance by his first round chess game with S.Zhigalko in which he has stood with obvious advantage, but managed it poorly, and he has even lost the game afterwards. On the other hand, arm fracture (plaster is not taken away) and brain concussion in the recent past could have played a cruel trick as well. Other participants have shown approximately their expected results. On the eve of final round leader Sergey Zhigalko (Byelorussia) had 8.5 points; Il'dar Hairullin 8.0; and Yury Kuzubov (Ukraine) 7.5. The result of the last round has brought to changing the leader. Yury Kuzubov conquering the leader Sergey Zhigalko in a stubborn struggle has caught him. According to the additional induces. Il'dar Hairullin drawing with Sanan Syugirov has proved to be the first. All the three have gathered 8.5 points each.

                                  Technical results:

1. I.Khairullin - 8.5 (trainer, International Master, U.Barsky)
2. S.Zhigalko (Belorussia) - 8.5 (trainer, International Master E.Mochalov)
3. Yu.Kuzubov (Ukraine) - 8.5 (trainer, International Master,
         Merited trainer of Ukraine A.Alexikov)
4. J.Nepomnyatschy - 7.5
5. D.Andreikin - 7.5
6. D.Howell (England) - 6.0
7. S.Syugirov - 5.0
8. M.Rodstein (Israel) - 4.5
9. M.Matlakov - 3.5
10. D.Linchevsky - 3.5
11. P.Potapov - 2.5
12. R.Muller (Germany) - 0.5

The organizers of the tournament, participants, tariners and arbiters.

The theatre-show performance of the participants has been made according to their places. Rewarding of I.Khairullin winner of the tournament. To the left is tournament director G.Nesis, to the right is chief referee, International arbiter J.Zinder. In addition to the three main prizes organizers have rewarded with special prizes:

- Jan Nepomnyatschy - for the best chess game;
- Maxim Matlakov - for best combination;
- Sergey Zhigalko - for best game ending;
- Dmitry Andreikin - for best opening;
- David Howell - prize for spectators' liking;
- Jan Nepomnyatschy - for best result against the three prize-winners;
- Maxim Rodstein - prize to the quest player;
- Pavel Potapov - for stubbornness in defence

Director of tournament Gennady Nesis is planning to widen a chess program. That is the tournament will develop gradually in to a festival. Beside a circular juniors' tournament the meeting of a number of the leading world chessplayers will take place. Beginning from the autumn, it is planned, guided by Gennady Efimovich, to involve young chessplayers, pupils of the cadet corps of St-Petersburg to methodical chess studies. The trainer has accepted an offer to assist the most gifted juniors who show their talent in chess art. The conduct of the tournament has rested the second year already with the friendly collective of pedagogies of the t.Kirishi chess club "Gambit" headed by director SvetlanaYakovleva. Alexey Antipov is a tournament secretary, and their twelve pupils demonstrate chess games and work at the press-centre. Confidence was given the best of them, prize-winners of the town area and regional competitions. Invaluable experience and knowledge has been given them by Grandmaster S.Janovsky and International Master V.Barsky while analyzing chess games at the press-centre. The work of all servicing personnel has been meticulous and much obliging as well. International Grandmaster Eugeny Alekseev has conducted a chess game display with the pupils of "Gambit" chess school after the closing of the tournament. The second tournament "Young Stars of the World" has already become a history and the quality of its performance is a good example to organizers of chess festivals. I would say that it has passed as Chess festivals in the style of Soviet epoch, but on a modern level!

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