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The History of a Photo.

This photo was made in second half of July (at Saturday on the 16th or 23d of the month) during the work of our group by the method of Nadezhda Domasheva-Vasilieva and Vladimir Samoilenko. And chess International Master on chess Sergey Djachkov is working in this group. "... Our group carries out a concrete work on building a spiritual temple (Nizhniy Taguil). We have divided the town by 12 sect ors and every month we anchor cosmos energy into the following sector through the river, brook or pond. The work will be done over a year. So, during anchoring the next water reservoir Taguil pond, there appeared that photo with a ball. And here are still some interesting points in touch with this photo. We have been ending the work already by the methods of Nadezhda Domasheva-Vassilieva and Vladimir Samoilenko (reading aloud texts and prays) when all of a sudden there has appeared a militiaman on the bridge early in the morning. He has stood at its beginning and begun listening in. And we have just finished the work, and began developing a photo. He has stood and then gone away. We have decided to drink tea and at that moment the photo has been developed. It has proved to be the last. The film has been out suddenly. So, I see a pigeon is flying and grounding onto the place where the militiaman was standing not so long ago. And it is stepping to us calmly. And the bridge is long. It has moved to us in a PEDESTRIAN way. And we have had nothing excepting a green tea "Ahmad" with jasmine and a plate of chocolate; a piece of chocolate has been thrown to it for a probe. And the pigeon has eaten it with pleasure. The following pieces have been eaten as well. So we have shared out eating with the pigeon. I see for the first time that pigeons eat chocolate and in the wood also. In general the work of the group is often accompanied with different nature phenomena, and not only "nature" ones. According to Pavel Bogumil's channeling information who is our active author of the section "Esoterics and Chess" a fire ball is nothing else as manifestation of Jesus Christ being now in the fourth measurement. I have applied to Pavel Bogumil for interpretations and got such an answer. Here is a letter which I'm bringing practically without abridgement.
"Dear Seryozha!
Me, Jesus Christ want to tell once more how everything takes place really.
Dear Seryozha!
There is nothing accidental and everything has its aims and consecution. As you are TEACHING yourself I could not participate in that photo which you wanted to develop when I was at your home. But now time is coming up and I have photographed with a group of people from Nizhniy Taguil who go by the way of ENLIGHTIMENT. Sergey Djachkov who sent to Pavel that photo enters in this group. But if Me, Jesus Christ, did not do it all through my disciple who then did it? It can by done only by the HIERARCHY of LIGHT! And how can it do it? It can be done so only if it is present on the earth every day. These are representatives of the HIERARCHY of LIGHT! But can anyone photograph Them? No, such examples are negligible. That is why think it over yourself and you will come to conclusion that everything is continuation of TEACHING of MINE amidst Humanity! With Love! Jesus Christ."
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