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                                                Dear people of all the Earth!

I, Jesus Christ, want to shave some Knowledge to you about the History of chess and the Life in the Universe. Dear people of the Earth, when I, Jesus Christ, studied at Egyptian Mystery Schools, We studied playing chess as well. It was one of the subjects which we, adherents to these Schools, should know. And I played it with pleasure! But my perfection took place much later when I "resurrected" already and became a Dweller of the Fourth Measurement as at that time My Mission on the Earth was quite another! Dear people of the Earth, I, Jesus Christ, play chess sometimes through Paul Bogumil when he takes part in chess tournaments. But I play in such a way, in order not to break the harmony of chess meetings. And once I played through Paul Bogumil in full strength. I warned him before a day of that game, that I would play very quickly, at "blitz" tempo, with American chessplayer Rylich, and Paul should respond at once, instantly to the moves of Rylich with his moves which I would dictate him through his thoughts. The chess game was over at that Rylich exceeded his time limit on the 36-th move in a lost position. He used all the time which was given him for thinking (two hours for 40 moves). And Paul lost the time only for nothing the moves and switching the chess-clock! That time made up only 12 minutes. That was the game I played.
Bogumil P.- Rylich V. [B70]
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 g6 6.Be2 Bg7 7.0-0 0-0 8.Bg5 Nc6 9.Nb3 a6 10.a4 Be6 11.Qd2 Ne5 12.h3 Rc8 13.Rfd1 Rxc3 14.Qxc3 Nxe4 15.Qe3 Nxg5 16.Qxg5 Nc6 17.Qc1 Bxb3 18.cxb3 Nd4 19.Qc4 d5 20.Qd3 e5 21.Rac1 e4 22.Qe3 Qb6 23.Bf1 f5 24.a5 Qb4 25.Rc7 Be5 26.Rd7 f4 27.Qe1 Qxe1 28.Rxe1 e3 29.Rxd5 Bf6 30.fxe3 Nc2 31.Rc1 Nxe3 32.Rd7 Bxb2 33.Rcc7 h5 34.Bd3 Be5 35.Rc5 Re8 36.Bxg6 1-0

But in other games I got difficult positions on purpose that Paul could study coming out of those positions, steeling his power of Spirit and Will and trained his work capacity on chessboard and in Life! When he had little time for thinking I helped him to go out of difficult situations, dictating the moves again! Dear people of all the Earth, why do I, Jesus Christ, want to tell you about Chess and Life in the Universe? Only for purpose that you would understand through this game that Life in the Universe exists not accidentally! And that everything that takes place in the Universe, takes place according to the Universal Laws and Laws of Life in the Universe! As it happens in the game of Chess according to chess rules and laws!

Dear people of the Earth! Myself, Jesus Christ want to tell you now that there are really many passages in the Bible in which Myself and My disciples spoke of REINCARNATION! And why priests neglect these passages, you may ask them this question!
Dear people! Myself, Jesus Christ want to show you these passages: "And passing by, He saw a man who had been blind from his birth. His disciples asked him: "Rabbi, why was he born blind? Did he sin or his parents?" John 9:1,2 They asked Me this question when I cured the man who had been blind from his birth. And do you think, My disciples were so silly that they asked Me, this man was blind from his birth that he himself did sin if they believed that, life is one alone? They did not believe so! And when might this man sin that he was born blind? Of course, it was in his past lives! I want to tell you also that when My disciples asked Me about Elijah: "So the disciples asked Him, "Why, then, the scribes say, 'First Elijah has to come'?" Jesus answered: "Elijah is coming and will put everything in order; but I tell you that Elijah has already come, and people did not know him but treated him as they pleased. In the same way they are going to make the Son of Man suffer." Then the disciples understood that He was talking about John the Baptizer Matthew 17:10-13. Or the other words: "...For all the Prophets and the law prophesied up to the time of John. If you are willing to accept, he is the Elijah who was to come. The one who has ears, let him listen!" Mathew 11:13-15. And you, dear people, if you think over these words, how Elijah might come anew, then you will come to understanding that otherwise but being embodied again in a new flesh he might not come! That is why, dear people, I beg you all, begin to perceive the Bible independently and then you will see it by quite other eyes! When an angel appeared before Zachariah to inform him of a future birth of his son, then he told him: "And you are to name him John... he will be a great man in the sight of the Lord... he will go ahead of Him with the spirit and power of Elijah..." Luke 1:13-15. And this extract from the Bible confirms that John the Baptizer and Prophet Elijah it is one and the same man in different embodiments! And when I asked My disciples: "Who do people say the Son of Man is?" Matthew 16:13. My disciples answered Me so: "Some say John the Baptizer, others Elijah; still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets". Matthew 16:14 Might My disciples say that people consider Me for those prophets who had lived long ago, without taking into account the Law of Incarnation? No, it is certainly not! 2000 years ago the people in Israel had very often intercourse with the Most Lucid people from Egypt. Many of them knew and spoke of Reincarnation. And Esseys' Teaching was Based on the Law of Reincarnation! I want to say also that the Law of Reincarnation existed in Christianity up to the fifth All-world Council which took place in Constantinople in 553. After the fifth All-world Council alone people who adhered to the Law of Reincarnation became called heretics and their teaching, heresy. But if everything were so, as orthodox Christian consider the life to be one alone, why then are you waiting for Me again in the thick-material Body? If I went away in the thick-material Body, then where have I been in it for two thousand years? What this Body should be like then now? Therefore let us do away with this Absurdity and understand that people never die and live in Eternity, changing their capsule only, and experience those Lessons on the Earth which they all should do for their successful life in the Universe! And these are LESSONS of LOVE and FORGIVENESS, and KNOWLEDGE of the UNIVERSAL LAWS as well! And what are these laws? I enumerate them now:
3. THE LAW OF "FREE WILL"! All dwellers of the UNIVERSE have FREE WILL!
4. THE LAW OF "NECESSITY AND EXPEDIENCY"! Everything in Universe is subject to NECESSITY AND EXPEDIENCY! And this means that everything that takes place in the Universe should be directed towards THE DEVELOPMENT OF SPIRITUALITY AND MORALS IN THE UNIVERSE!
So these five LAWS must be known by all people! And one should understand what takes place in the Universe and on the Earth it takes place according to these LAWS! And these LAWS work together, and not separately!


Dear people of all the Earth, I, Jesus Christ, proceed to speaking of the origin of chess. I shall do it thus. A pupil of mine from St.Petersburg, International Master Bystrov Serezha asked Me chess questions! And I answered them to him. Everything was done through Paul Bogumil over the Internet.

Question 1. Dear Jesus Christ, tell me, please, when and where did chess originate?

Dear Serezha, I, Jesus Christ, answer you all your questions on the history of chess and those questions which are exciting all people without exception. Dear Serezha, when I, Jesus Christ, studied at Egyptian Mystery School's 2000 years ago, then I and other adherents to those Schools played chess. As the chess game was introduced into the education program at those Schools. Even 2000 years ago chess existed in that form as it does Nowadays. But as a matter of fact it existed much earlier.


Question 2. Tell me please, Dear Jesus Christ, is the statement of Master A.Petrov true that "... chess was known to ancient priests of Egypt?"

Dear Serezha, as I answered you already the first question that still 2000 years ago we studied chess at Egyptian Initiating Mystery Schools. And each of the adherents of those schools could play chess well after the graduation in that form in which it is present now on the Earth! With the same rules. And the thing, they say, chess originated from Chaturang, is not true as everything in the Universe is developing from the simple to the complete, and not just the way about. And therefore that chess which is known now throughout the world on the Earth, is the earliest than the Chaturang!

Question 3. Speaking of the history of chess, one cannot help putting a question of the evolution of chess on a scientific and information basis. I'll ask directly, is it right to put a question: who is the strongest chessplayer of "all times and peoples"? Could a man of geniuses Morphy conquer R. Fischer?

Dear Serezha, everything that takes place on the Earth as great and talented is not that understanding which is indeed spoken of by the people. For all great and talented on the Earth is not made by people themselves. This everything is made by High-spirited and High-educated Dwellers of the Fourth Measurement through people. Therefore your poets, writers, artists, composers, scientists create and invent only when "INSPIRATION" comes to them, or as it is accepted by poets and composers "MUSE" comes to them. But it is not the "INSPIRATION" or "MUSE" indeed one of the Hierarchs and Sovereigns visits them and he is creating through them as Conductors. That is why when people play chess on a very high level, there play through them not these people themselves for example such as Morphy or Fischer, but the High-spirited and High classed chessplayers of the Fourth Measurement! And they use the Physical bodies of Morphy and Fischer only as Conductors. And that, Serezha, what you ask for may said by Me as follows. Everything depends on who of the strongest chessplayers, Dwellers of the Fourth Measurement will play chess for Morphy or Fischer using their Physical bodies as Conductors! Therefore, Dear Serezha, there was never geniuses and talents on the Earth! And everything that took place as the Great and Talented that took place thanks to the High-spirited and High-educated Dwellers of the Fourth Measurement who used the physical bodies of people as Conductors in order to create those Masterpieces through them which are written in your books about! It is with the exception of those cases when Hierarchs and Sovereigns of the Earth planet were born on it with that or other Mission!

Question 4. Are Masters of genius in the past and present whose creative works many generations of chess players learn, Messengers of the other Worlds? May You call them?

Dear Serezha, all great chessplayers such as Kasparov, Karpov, Spassky, Fischer, Petrosian, Tal, Smyslov, Botwinnik, Alekhine, Capablanca, Emmanuel Lasker, Rubinstein, Schlecter, Steinitz, Morphy and others are visitors from other worlds.


Question 5. Dear Jesus Christ, tell me please, why chessplayers have such a slogan "GENS UNA SUMUS", "We all is one family". And many people live in principle: "It is no business of mine".

Dear Serezha, what we see on the Earth now unfortunately, corresponds to that what you are asking for. Not only some people taken separately, but whole individual countries and peoples live in principle: "It is no business of mine".


Question 6. Dear Jesus Christ, could you explain your words: "Love your neighbour like yourself and God!"("Love thy neighbour as thyself and God!" )

Dear Serezha, I said these words 2000 years ago, most of all, otherwise! I was saying to My adherents and all other people so: "LIKE YOURSELF LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AND GOD!" And now I explain these words. The word 'GOD' is a METAPHOR which means ALL-UNITY, UNIVERSE, EXISTENCE, LIFE ITSELF, UNIVERSAL NATURE!


Question 7. About what incarnations may you relate still more?

I, Jesus Christ, can relate still more also about other incarnations. But all this is indeed of no importance. For all this plays no role and it is important alone who is a man in its present incarnation according to its Spiritual - Moral Essence!


Question 8. Please relate the Methods of training of junior chessplayers?

Dear Serezha, as you know still well, the dream of many parents is to make out of their child "a Star" in this or that field: art, sports, science etc... You know well there is broad-casting "Factory of Stars" and the like at your TV, how to become a "Star". And sending their junior into a chess circle, parents dream most of all that they would become a chess "Star". But you, Serezha, have read My words in the Bible: "Who wants to be the first he will become the last!"


Question 9. What is the purpose that chess were given to people?

Dear Serezha, chess were given onto the Earth because people living in Un-Love of themselves and all others were warring in-between and henceforth with other people. In order to extinguish bellicosity and aggression of the people, We Hierarchs and Sovereigns of the Earth planet gave for that matter chess to the people! For when people are warring on a chessboard they want less to hate other people afterwards and to make war to other people. Chess are given also onto the Earth that the people of all the Earth could Unite themselves and Make Friendship through them! For the Motto of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) "GENS UNA SUMUS" (We all are One "Family"), was also given by Us, Hierarchs and Sovereigns of the Earth planet not by chance.

Question 10. Did You play chess at Yours' in Hierarchy of Light?

I may answer that question so. We, Hierarchs and Sovereigns of the Earth Planet not only play chess in discussing in-between. But we conduct chess tournaments very often. We have conducted rapid chess tournament of late of late. And Buddha took the first place in that tournament. He takes first place at rapid chess very often. How Vishvannathan Anand does it at yours' on the Earth in the Third Measurement.

But We, Seryozha, are not bound to play among ourselves in the Fourth Measurement. If we wish We may do it through the people. And so recently Sovereign Kut Khumi, being in the Fourth Measurement, together with you at the yearly Chess Festival in Pardubitsa town, Czechia, has played for you in the "blitz" tournament among reporters and become the winner of this tournament, instilling you through your mind the moves which you made on the chessboard! And though you made not always the right moves on the board which he has instilled you, it was enough for you to become the winner of the tournament!

Question 11. What do You want still to say and wish the chessplayers and all people of the Earth?

Dear people of the Earth! If you Love and Respect yourselves then, what do you think, whether a Respecting-and-Loving-himself man is in a position to offend another man? No, it is certainly not! If you offend others and speak badly of others, it means that you do not Love and Respect yourselves. And therefore I wish you all to Love and Respect yourselves! And let you begin from this moment your Spiritual and Moral Uprise! Nobody in the Universe may say about himself I am so Good and Sympathetic! As even We, Hierarchs and Sovereigns of the Earth planet continue to Perfect and Increase in Ourselves LOVE, SENSITIVENESS AND TENDERNESS!

Question 12. Dear, Jesus Christ, please tell us may it happen so that people of the Earth nevertheless, meet with dwellers of other Out-of-Earth Civilizations at the chessboard what Ostap Bender told the chessplayers of Vasyuki town?

- Dear Seryozha! It might be arranged very lazily. But whether Earth people are ready to meet the dwellers of other Out-of-Earth Civilizations? That is a reason why Other-Planets dwellers do not go into direct contact with the dwellers of the Earth! For the very low Spiritual and Moral level of the Earth dwellers does not allow them to do it till now. The Earth is a unique planet among the planets of the Galactic Commonwealth, which has life in albumen structures where people fight each other. Till people do not cease to hate each other it cannot be done. You hate people like you and who differ from you in skin colour alone. And if dwellers of other civilizations unlike you fly to you, how do you behave towards them? That is why it is early still to think of inter-planetary tournaments. But if you stop fighting each other and begin respecting yourselves and other forms of Life, then what was told the inhabitants of Vasyuki town by Ostap Bender may come true successfully!
Well, dear friends, now I want to say good-by to you and wish you all HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY! But in order to come to this we must RESPECT ourselves and all the people! If you wish that you will get on!
Dear chessplayers and all the people of the Earth! I, Jesus Christ and other Hierarchs and Sovereigns of Earth planet want to wish you all one thing alone: Love your neighbour as yourself and God! And God it is a Metaphor which means ALL-UNITY, EXISTENCE, UNIVERSE and LIFE itself! Thus We wish you all: As yourselves Love all people and all particles of the Universe!

Good-bye! Jesus Christ.

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