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St.Petersburg, December 9, 2010.
The Championship of St.Petersburg amongst juniors till up 10, 12 and 14 years passed since November 30 to December 8 in House of youth by Vasileostrovsky region (Bolshoy pr., 65).For nine days 274 juniors revealed best in three nomination and played the prize places, as well as output in high league of the championship to Russia 2011. Before 10 years champion become Nazarova A. (Krasnoselisky region) and Lobanov S. (SDYUSHOR SHSH), before 12 years are Toporkova S. (SDYUSHOR SHSH) and SHirokov A. (DT “Izmaylovsky”), but before 14 years are Klevec K. (DYUSSH-2) and Pershin D. (SDYUSHOR SHSH). Earlier indoors SDYUSHOR SHSH competed senior juniors. Here up to 16 years won a victory are Holova E. and Martynov P. (GDTYU), but up to 18 years are Azimova K. (SDYUSHOR SHSH) and Ulanov A. (Petrovskaya rook). The tables, as well as motion on aurochs possible to find in official site. We are congratulating the winners and prizewinner and want him fittingly to emerge on championship of the Russia! The Chairman “DYUK of SPBSHF” Sergey KLIMOV has said on closing championship: "Can be that chessplayer good, but sportsman not, but can be on he contrary...". Join to of Grandmaster’s wish, in that that without combination these qualities powerfully and exactly conduct all competition not possible! Bring up in it and athlete, and chess-player, and you occupy; hold; borrow worthy place in competition of the highest rank! Small photoreport with championship , and ceremony of its closing are invited to your attention.
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St.Petersburg, November 5, 2010.
The 17th International Chess Festival "M. Chigorin Memorial" took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, from October 26 to November 5, 2010. The Rapid section is over, with six players at 7.0/9 points, the classical section is over too, with 7,5/9 points won a victory GM Safarli, Eltaj (AZE). The prize fund was 1.4 million Roubles = 32,000 Euros or US $46,000.
Photoreporting from rapid tournament
Photoreporting from classic tournament.
Photoreporting from closure of classic tournament.
Game of the winner of 17th Michael Chigorin's Memoriala E.Safarli -I.Sokolov.
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Khanty-Mansiysk, September 20, 2010.
The 39th Chess Olympiad takes place September 20th – October 3rd in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. 148 men's and 115 women's teams are playing according to the Swiss System over 11 rounds. Both the men and women are playing in teams on four boards, with one player in reserve. Team points (2,1,0) are given for each match, while the overall number of game points collected serves as a tiebreaker.
Days of play: 21-25, 27-30 September, 1 and 3 October. All rounds start at 15:00 local time
(UTC/GMT +5), the last round starts at 11:00.
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Peterhof, July 15, 2010.
75 th International Chess Festival "The Peter Boat - Summer in Peterhof - 2010" held in city fountains Petrodvorets 1 to August 9, 2010 in DDT Petrodvorets district (Saint-Petersburg prospect, 4a). The festival Open Tournament (B), tournaments massive discharges from 1 to 5 (C1-C5), circular with the norm scores mg, mm, zhmg, zhmm (S). In boarding school № 289 from 14 to 31 July works "A.Karpov's School". Festival Director - International Master Pavel Drugov.
Regulations for a 75-th International Chess Festival
"Peter's Boat - Summer in Peterhof-2010"
The Summer Chess holidays in Petergofe. Photoreporting from closing of the tournaments С3, С2 and С1.
Photoreporting from closing of the tournaments С5 and С4.
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Pardubice, July 17 2010.
The Czech town of Pardubice in the 21 th time launched an international festival of chess and other intellectual games Czech Open in 2010, one of the largest in Europe and held under the auspices of Czech President Vaclav Klaus. This year, organizers of the 6000 registered participants and guests of the festival. In different categories, in addition to chess, you can compete in checkers, bridge, chess, Japanese and other table games. However, the festival has earned a good reputation precisely because of chess - in this year's individual and team matches will be held in 23 varieties of the royal game. They compete by 1311 players from 45 countries, of which 10 percent are women. Guest of the festival will be the sixth player of the world grandmaster Shakhriyar Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan (Elo 2761). The Czechs put up his best player - the 18 th in the world David Navara (2731), but in the first place by rating appears Russian grandmaster Evgeny Najer (2672), followed by the winner of the Czech Open 2009 Ukrainian Korobov Anton (2657).
Photoreporting and article about the festival.
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Prague Express.
St. Petersburg, July 1 2010.
On this sultry summer day, most loyal readers of our site, I propose to meet with the autobiography is very interesting and clearly held rights. Gennady Nesis is Vice-world Champion ICCF, Grandmaster, coach and assistant ex-world champion Alexander Khalifman. His rank, regalia and merits in the development of chess it is difficult to enumerate. And let the active life Gennady Efimovich is far from the sunset, the period of formation still behind. About him, and will be discussed, as well as about the people involved in it. Very interesting and philosophical arguments and author of the poem. The text (Rus) is given in three parts without cutting and editing.
Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
St.Petersburg, May 19 2010.
From 16 to 28 May GSHK them. MI Chigorin conducted Championship of Saint Petersburg on classical chess among men. Ten grandmasters and two masters play out six prizes from 65 to 10 thousand rubles. As well as tours to the big leagues of the Russian championship. Despite the representative composition, the championship of our city is in an empty room and bare walls, which can not hurt." "Panel of judges headed by an international arbitrator VP Ivanov." "After three rounds of 2.5 points Maxim Matlakova, at half a point behind FIDE Master Vladimir Fedoseev and his trainer Denis Evseev. May 22 participants will have a day off, tours start at 15 o'clock. All chess lovers can personally visit the main official city championship". A small photo report, on the visit of the championship is invited to your attention.
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Kirishi, May 8 2010. The eighth International youth tournament "Young Stars of the World" in memory Vanya Somov in Kirishi with a norm of international grandmaster is started. Participating organizations are juniors from five countries. Participants in order of ELO rating: Zherebukh Yaroslav g UKR 2567, Shimanov Aleksandr g RUS 2544, Ter-Sahakyan Samvel g ARM 2523, Lintchevski, Daniil g RUS 2503, Sethuraman S.P. im IND 2493, Belous Vladimir RUS 2471, Bukavshin Ivan fm RUS 2435, Bernadskiy Vitaliy fm UKR 2402, Bajarani Ulvi fm AZE 2422, Oparin Grigoriy fm RUS 2348, Kashlinskaya Alina wg RUS 2346 и Ganichev Alexander RUS 2126. The average ELO rating of the tournament is 2432. To date, the tournament coincides with a large sports and cultural program. Inauguration will be held on May 8 in 16 hours in the Palace of Culture "KINEF". Organizing Committee headed by the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov, Tournament Director - Honoured Coach of Russia, IGM ICCF Gennady Nesis, chief arbiter is IA, a veteran of World War II J.D.Zinder, headed by appellate judges Grandmaster S.M.Yanovsky, head coach of the youth national team of Russia on chess. "Children Linares," as it "dubbed" journalists, will last until May 21. On our site you will learn about all the vicissitudes of the struggle, and take a closer look with it, stay tuned. The best party will comment on. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Chess Federation AV Dvorkovich sent greeting to the wishes of "outstanding athletic and artistic achievements" on behalf of the Russian Chess Federation. In welcoming in particular says "... Largely due to hold this traditional event Kirishi became widely known throughout the chess world. And participants in the first tournament Karjakin, Nyapomnyashchy, Caruana - are already in the adult world chess elite. For us it is very important that tournaments in Kirishi become an excellent school to improve the skills of leading Russian juniors. Hopefully, it will be so in the future ... "
"Star Academy" of Gennady Nesis. Issue eighth.
In Kirishi hotter.
Annotated games.
Start is given in the Victory Day.
Photoreporting - 1. Before opening ceremony.
Photoreporting - 2. Opening ceremony.
Photoreporting - 3 with simultaneous chess.
Photoreporting - 4. Victory Day! Laying flowers at the Alley of Heroes in Kirishi.
Photoreporting - 5. Start is given in the Victory Day. Everyday work of "Young stars of the World."
Photoreporting - 6. Last round of the tournament.
Photoreporting - 7. Reporting to the closure of the Memorial. Chronology.
Table. Search games.
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Sofia, April 24 2010.
World Chess Championship matches have always had a special flavor when they are contested by players who have held the title at one time or the other. The World Chess Championship 2010 at Sofia which starts on Friday 24th April, a day later than originally scheduled, has reigning Champion Viswanathan Anand of India taking on Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria. The first game is scheduled for Friday 24th April and will start at 16:00h CEST (7.30 p.m. Indian time), a delayed start of two hours while the remaining games will start at 5.30 pm IST. 40-year-old Anand will start his campaign with the black pieces, just like in Bonn in 2008, where he defeated Vladimir Kramnik for the title. Anand will play with the white pieces in game 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11. A rest day is scheduled after every two games. The prize fund is 2,000,000 Euros (around 120 million Indian Rupees), the highest ever in recent times and will be shared by the two players. Pananqiotis Nikolopoulos of Greece is the chief arbiter. The match is expected to be evenly contested and promises to be exciting considering the playing style of both players. These players have met each other 44 times, with Topalov winning 11 times, Anand 10 times and 23 games have ended in draws. Both players are reputed for their intensive preparation and it is this aspect which will be watched keenly by chess enthusiasts. Most experts were in favor of Anand. The stars also give their preference chances of the Indian Grandmaster. However, the human factor does not cancel. I think we will witness of interesting battles!
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St.Petersburg, February, 22 2010.
In the Petersburg Publication House "Levsha" a new book "The Wisdom of Nature, the Divine chess" of the well-known investigator of history of Chess Origin, author of the patented invention USSR Chess Master of sports Yu.P.Ryzhkov, was issued.
Yury Petrovich offers a work on esoteric theory of chess origin chess, when the name of the father of chess Hermes Trismegist, thrice the Greatest, God THOTH was calculated out of magic chess (8х8=64). Hermes Trismegist was a Supreme Ruler and priest of Atlantis; he is also god THOTH of Ancient Egypt, who had shown Drunvalo Melkhisedek (USA) elements of sacral geometry. The book deals with associations and conformities of the Harmony of matrices of energy-field structures of the Man with the Matrix of the Galactic module of the Solar system and Earth planets, Cosmos and Universes with a Matrix of complex Divine chess (Canon of Leonardo da Vinci, Galactic Module of Maya, magic squares of the ancient, Duerer’s and Franklin’s squares); formulated are new hypotheses. On the basis of magic chess the author invented a law of the multiplication table (8 x 8=64), the arithmetical and geometrical proportion of the chessboard being taken as a principle. The invention was numbered № 67311 20.06.2006.
Life's book of Yury Ryzhkov.

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