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St.Petersburg, August 12 2011.In Neva city with 11 to 20 of August in chess club named after M.Chigorin passes the stage of the Cup to Russia amongst mans, dedicated to the one hundred anniversary since Mikhail Botvinnik birthday. 166 chess-players from ten countries left on start, of them four of them has ELO more than 2600! The ELO favorite of the list is Vadim Zvyagincev from Moscow. In the first round senior on rating basically were strict, but one loud sensation at all was took place. Number three of the participant list IGM Yuri Kuzubov from Ukraine has lost the in sharp fight of acting champion St.Petersburg to up 16 Pavel Martynov. The fist seven games is translated in on-line real time on official site. The Classical tournament preceded blitz tournament. IGM Pavel Ponkratov won a victory in it.
Photoreporting with Botvinnik's Memorial.
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Peterhof, August 6 2011.
79th festival Petrovskaya Ladia - summer 2011 passes with 2 to 11 of August in city of the fountains Peterhof (the city is a satellite of Saint Petersburg.
In the festival there are the tournaments - a stages of the Juniors Cup to Russia among boys and girls: - K8, K10, K12, K14. As well as traditional tournaments C for boys and girsl in accordance with category - C1-C5 and open international rating-tournament B. More than 270 boys and girls from Ekaterinburg, Maykop, Kazan, Podolisk, Chelyabinsk, Lipeck, Nalichik, Petrozavodsk, Tver, Archangelsk, Essentuki, Magnitogorsk, Severodvinsk, Sevastopol, Jakutsk, Troicka, Thulium, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region, other populated points and city to our boundless Russia, have arrived for 10 days to reveal the most strong, to get winning points to participation in Cup of the Russia amongst boys and girls, get acquainted with best places of Peterhof and Saint Petersburg. But the best on total three stages of the Cup gets the place for participation in high league amongst of the championship to Russia, championship of the Europe and World!
We are offer your attention photo reportings and interview with permanent festival director International Master FIDE Pavel Drugov. Parallel with undertaking of the festival Petrovskaya Ladia passes the session Anatoly Karpovs School . Grandmasters Valery Popov, Vladimir Fedoseev, IM Ilya Duzhakov and Alex ULANOV to read lectures, conducted of simultaneous chess exhibition and others.
Petrovskaya Ladia takes the new height!
Photoreporting of first day of the festval.
Photoreporting from open tournament "B".
Photoreporting from the closing of the festival
and junior Cup of Russia. Part 1.

Photoreporting from the closing of the festival
and junior Cup of Russia. Part 2.

Igor Ignatiev's site.
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Pardubice, July 17 2011.
The Czech town of Pardubice in the 22 th time launched an international festival of chess and other intellectual games Czech Open in 2011, one of the largest in Europe and held under the auspices of Czech President Vaclav Klaus. This year, organizers of the 6000 registered participants and guests of the festival. In different categories, in addition to chess, you can compete in checkers, bridge, chess, Japanese and other table games...
Photoreporting - 1. Walking on Prague and Pardubice.
Photoreporting - 2. Labor festival's days.
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Kirishi, May 6 2011.
Town of Kirishi is greeted the cool weather and rain of the participants the ninth International Junior Tournament "Young Stars of the World Memory Vanya Somov" with the International Master norm. Spring is still "coming out of captivity." To play is better when the nature is contributes to the creative process. Arriving along with the core group of participants and journalists, as well as cadets of military schools, accompanied by the Chief Arbiter of the memorial IA Yaakov Zinder, I immediately plunged into the maelstrom. Plan has been established clearly, and not passed on arrival at an all - about everything and a half hours, as the beginning of the pageant gave an impetus to the next "Children's Linares.
Kirishi. Double IX. Start is taken!
"Star Academy" of Gennady Nesis in Kirishi. Issue ninth!
Photoreporting - 1. Before opening ceremony.
Photoreporting - 2. Opening ceremony.
Photoreporting - 3.
Photoreporting - 4 with simultaneous chess.

Photoreporting - 5 from tournament hall and not only.
Photoreporting - 6. The last round he is the most difficult.
Photoreporting - 7 from the closing of the tournament.
Annotated games. A.Goganov U.Bajarani.
At the round table. Gennady Nesis.Ilgar Bajarani. Shokhrat Muratguliev.
Interview on a given topic.
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Loo, May 5 2011. 2011.
Championship of Russia in the premier league among boys and girls up to 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and the All-Russian competition in the first league in among boys and girls the same age categories took place in a boarding house "AquaLoo (Krasnodar Region) from 15 to 24 April. April 24-26, there was superiority of Russia in rapid chess and blitz. Tournaments conducted by Swiss system, 9 rounds. Control of time in classical chess tournament - 90 minutes before the end of the game with 30 seconds per move starting from the first. In rapid chess time control was 15 min. with 5 sec. per move. In the blitz tournament time control was 3 min. + 2 sec. More than 1,300 young players took part in all competitions...
Unofficial report.
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Kirishi, April 24 2011. The IXth traditional international youth tournament "Young stars of the world" in memory of Vanya Somov starts on the sixth of May in Kirishi with the norm of the international master. The composition of participants is formed.
FM Alekseenko, Kirill (RUS) born 1997 2317; Atabayev, Maksat (TKM) born 1994 2335; FM Atabayev, Yusup (TKM) born 1994 2298; IM Bajarani, Ulvi (AZE) born 1995 2437; Bortnik, Alexandr (UKR) born 1996 2338; Eliseev, Urii (RUS) born 1996 2359; IM Goganov Alexei (RUS) born 1991 2469; FM Grigoryan, Karen (ARM) born 1995 2463; IM Mammadov, Zaur (AZE) born 1994 2379; Smirnov Vladislav (RUS) born 1994 1957; IM Stukopin, Andrey (RUS) born 1994 2475; Usmanov, Vasily (RUS) born 1996 2289.
To date, the tournament coincides with a large sports and cultural program. Inauguration will be held on May 8 in 16 hours in the Palace of Culture "KINEF". Organizing Committee headed by the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdyukov, Tournament Director - Honoured Coach of Russia, IGM ICCF Gennady Nesis, chief arbiter is IA, a veteran of World War II J.D.Zinder, etc. "Children Linares," as it "dubbed" journalists, will last until May 19. On our site you will learn about all the vicissitudes of the struggle, and take a closer look with it, stay tuned. The best party will comment on.
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Peterhof, March 26 2011.
The 78th chess festival Petrovsky Ladya passes these days in a city of fountains, Petrodvorets. The organizing committee and arbiter board operate as always in organized and clear-cut manner. Children from different cities competed among themselves in all five categories, having zeitnot control (1hour + 10sec. per move). The festival comes to the end tomorrow. One can see the tables on an official site. Making some photos, I have asked its Festival director P.I.Drugov to say about the passing forum, A.Karpov's School, and also about the scandalous events connected with "NTV" channel, and consequences of their display...
Spring and chess at Peterhof.
Official site.
St.Petersburg, March 15 2011.
The championship of Russia among juniors and she-juniors (!) has passed in St.-Petersburg from 3-15 March. In two two-circular tournaments there participated (as a round lotting) the juniors: 1. Maxim Matlakov, 2. Alexey Goganov, 3. Vladimir Fedoseev, 4. Vladimir Belous (Moscow), 5. Alexander Shimanov, 6. Ivan Rozum, girls 1. Anastas Bodnaruk, 2. Olga Girja (Moscow), 3. Olga Matveeva (Perm), 4. Anastas Savin, 5. Alina Kashlinsky, 6. Darya Pustovojtova (all - Moscow).
The Petersburg juniors are represented most (six), Moscow five. Young chess players (boys and girls) played on the scene of city chess club named after M.Chigorin (SDJUSHOR, B.Konyushennaya str, 25). Round days are 4-8, 10-14 March. Time control is 90 minutes per 40 moves, 30 minutes to end the game, with addition 30 seconds for each move made, beginning from the first. The main arbiter is Leonid Kalupin.
The participants of tournaments were forbidden to enter "peace" negotiations up to 40th move inclusive. The direct broadcasting of the games in the Internet was carried out on a site .
I represent a small photoreport to your attention. As eyewitness of the past competition I think that the juniors played in good conditions, in a light, recently repaired historical place.
I congratulate all the coaches on successful performances of their pupils, in particular, the instructor of M.Matlakov and A.Shimanov, Grandmaster S.V.Ivanov from the Anichkov Palace.
St.Petersburg, February 24 2011.
Our meeting with the known sports master of the USSR, A.A.Shashin is devoted to his work on the chess game textbook. Therein the trainer who is working in the Anichkov Palace more than 30 years and Who has brought up many talented pupils, shares his thoughts which were expressed in his book to be published in the press.
Alexander Shashin: To predict the future of chess, to predict it absolutely precisely is impossible. And what is why that chess is a complex game, or as the -theorist-physicist would have said a complex system. Here we may speak only about its future at the level of forecasts

St.Petersburg, December 13 2010.
Yesterday the round blitz tournament dedicated to the memory of Grandmaster Konstantin Nikolaevich Aseev (20.10.1960 - 22.08.2004) was conducted in the chess club named after B.Spassky. In the competition took part 18 chessplayers. The final results: IGMs V.Popov 14,5 (17), M.Matlakov 12,5, A.Shimanov, D.Yevseev, D.Lintchevski 10,5, E.Levin, IM P.Anisimov - 10, IM R.Lovkov, IGM V.Yemelin - 9,5, etc.
Photo reporting.
Official site by chess club named after B.Spassky.

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