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Peterhof, January 8, 2012
From January 4 up 10, 2012 the 81-th Chess Festival "Peter's Castle" taking place in the Petrodvorets DDT. Within its framework the children’s Russian Cup stage pass in the age groups of 8, 10, 12 and 14 years, and there will be rating tournaments and C1 and C5 ones as well. The position of the festival and regulations of all tournaments may be found on the official site. The Festival director is Pavel Drugov.
Photoreport - 1.
Traditional interview with Director of the festival Pavel Drugov.
Photoreport - 2.
Official site.
St. Petersburg, December 19, 2011.
Today we publish the latest materials for referees as well as the latest rules of FIDE. These documents are useful not only for chess referees but all chessplayers participating in the Russian and international competitions. We thank the international arbiter, V.P. Ivanov for their selection and placing than at our disposal.
Referees documentation (RUS).
St. Petersburg, December 3, 2011.
Finally of the St.Petersburg Championships among juniors (boys and girls) of 10, 12 and 14 years will be conducted from November 28 up to December 7 (December 4 is a day-off) in the DC of railway men (Tambov Street 63 "Obvodny channel" subway). The start of all the rounds is at 12.00 sharp.
Photo report from the St.Petersburg Championship among the juniors.
Photo report from the Championship closing.
Official site.
St. Petersburg, November 23.
Chess Championship for high school students of St.Petersburg is conducted on the basis of the GOUDOD from 14 up to 29 November. Eight major league teams and fourteen of the second me play on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, namely from November 14,16,18,21,23,25,28 and 29 (replay). The first league teams, and they are fifteen this year face off on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays November 15,17,19,22,24,26 and 29. This year chess championship among the universities has involved a record number of teams (37). The tournament tables after the mid-range (fourth round) are offered for your consideration.
A league
Second League
Photo report from the university and close the championship and its closing.
Moscow, 16 November 2011.
In Moscow, the Pashkov House (Vozdvizhenka 3 / 5, str.1) the traditional sixth Tal Memorial, round robin of ten grandmasters is starting from 16 to 25 November.
The stuff: M. Carlsen (ELO 2826), V.Anand (2811), L. Aronian (2802), V. Kramnik (2800), V. Ivanchuk (2775), S. Karjakin (2763), H. Nakamura ( 2758), P. Svidler (2755), B.Gelfand (2744) and Ia. Nepomniachtchi (2730).
Time control: 100 minutes for 40 moves, 50 for the following 20, and 15 minutes to end the games, and addition of 30 seconds per move starting from the first. Bread casting and commenting the games is on the official site. If points are equal, preference is for those players who played more Black.
Game days: November 16-20, 22-25.
Top of rounds: 15:00 Moscow time. The last round will starts at 13.00.
Exclusive photos from the super tournament (22nd category).
Official site.
St.Petersburg, November 4, 2011.
The North-West championship among boys and girls conducted by the Association of chess federations of North-West Federal District, from October 28 (arrival day) up November 4. In October 31 and November 2 two rounds each day will be held at 10 am 15 am. 350 boys and girls gather in a welcoming hotel , in the heart of our city to identify the strongest in their age categories up to 8,10,12,14,16 and 18. The best from two to four from each tournament will represent the North-West Federal District in the premier league of the Russian Championship among juniors in April next year.
Photo essay.
Closing the championship.
Not all the pictures turned out perfect, please do not judge strictly.
Official site of the competition - the site of association of chess federations Northwestern Federal District.
Peterhof, November 4, 2011.
The 80th International Chess Festival “Peter’s Castle” on the Day of National Units has passed from 31 October up to November 3 in Petrodvorets, town of fountains. 132 participants faced off in the Swiss system tournaments and identified the strongest in several nominations. Five best chessplayers, three best girls and three strongest teams were given awards. The chief referee is A.A.Kalyamin. Despite the fleeting event, small autumn holiday and a great number of city events, including the official, the festival was well represented with five districts of St. Petersburg, satellite cities of Kronstadt and Lomonosov. Nonresident chess came from Moscow, Ivanovo, Gorbunkov, and even solar Gostilitsy Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Photo report from the last round and the closing is proposed for your consideration.
Photo report from the last round and the closing is proposed for your consideration.
Official site.
Tosno, October 19, 2011.
In October from 17 up to 27 the Governor's Open Cup is held in the town of Tosno (Leningrad District). The competitions are held in an exhibition hall of the MU . At the first day of a simultaneous game session was held by Grandmaster Tatiana Rubtsova (Vsevolozhsk). As a result of the 20 games only five had a peaceful outcome and the rest were won by the senior in rank. Young chessplayers from different towns of district (born 1997 and younger) challenged a team cup. It went to a team of Sosnovy Bor. Jaroslav Grischuk was best among the juniors, Lyudmila Smirnova was best among the girls. In October from 20 up 25 an Open tournament will take place for chessplayers of second category and above. Within the framework of the Open Cup by Governor of the Leningrad region a blitz-tournament will pass in October 20 as well as a tournament for young chess beginnings born in 2003and younger (October 27). Chief arbiter of all the tournaments vice-president of the regional sports federation is Sergey Maslyakov.
Photo report from the regional personal-team tournament among boys and girls born in 1997 and younger.
The site of the Chess Federation of the Leningrad Region.
St.Petersburg, October 14, 2011.
In October 12 up to 22 2011 the 18th (!) International Chess Festival "M.Chigorin Memorial" is carried out on the 18th floor of the hotel "Azimuth" (Lermontovsky 43 / 1). Competitions are organized by Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (St. Petersburg), St. Petersburg State Agrarian University "Training Center", St. Petersburg Chess Federation and Russian Chess Federation. The direct guidance of competition is imposed upon the passed of umpires.
The chief referee of the tournament is an International arbiter M. Kryukov. The total prize fund of is more than 45 thousand euros. The start of games is at 17.00, last round begins at 12.00, October 22. As part of the "M.Chigorin Memorial" passed the stage of "Rapid Grand Prix of Russia, 2011" in nine rounds.
Time control was 15 minutes, added with 10 seconds per move. Its winner was Anton Korobov (Ukraine), who collected 7.5 points. The same but worse than other indexes had Igor Kurnosov who was in the lead the entire tournament. The third place was won by Kazakh Grandmaster Rinat Yumabaev seven points. Today kicks off a tournament with classical control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, 30 minutes before the end the game + 30 seconds per each move made, beginning from the first. A partner who is late to round more than 30 minutes loses. Winners receive prizes and diplomas. Participants receive record cup points in accordance with the Regulations of the Russian Cup.
Interview with SPb ChF Vice-President Vladimir Bykov.
Photo report from the rapid chess tournament.
Photo report from the tournament in classical chess.

Official site.
St. Petersburg, September 25, 2011..
On the night of September 24 – 25, on the 88-year of his life died in a hospital J. D. Zinder, participant in the Great Patriotic War, retired captain, International arbiter. Yakov Davidovich has been operated several times in recent years, and three weeks ago he was delivered in a medical clinic where he underwent surgery urgently.
In the intensive care unit, twenty days, doctors fought for his life. Many years Yakov Davidovich headed Leningrad district Chess Federation served as vice president of ChF of North-West Federal Region as well as a member of the Presidium of the RCF. One can not consider chess tournaments of all levels: from junior ones up to the World Chess Olympiad in Arbiter. His role is invaluable and incalculable in the fate of chess players of several generations. Yakov Davidovich helped selflessly young chessplayers, coaches, referees and chess organizers to take first steps and supported them as he could. He was praised and blamed, but he was respected absolutely by all. He lived in good conscience, raised on the ideals of the Soviet epoch.
The bright image of J. D. Zinder, a good and active man a real professional will remain forever in the memories of all with whom fate brought him. On behalf of all employers of our website and myself I express my deep condolences to the families and friends of J. D. Zinder.
The Funeral of Y.D. Zinder will take place in the morning of Thursday September 29, at St. Seraphim Cemetery (Old Village subway station, 15-20 minutes walk from it.) Gathering will take place at the church 11.00 sharp.

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