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Kirishi, May 12 2012.
Nearing the finish is the 10th tournament "Young Stars of the world memory Vanya Somov" in Kirishi. Participants are left to play the final round. All services interact perfectly, giving the participants to engage in a creative process on the chessboard. Juniors already played a lot of interesting games. A stubborn struggle ensued between the two international masters, the Russians. V.Artemev V.Belous, and they have eight points each.
Nobody can be in the way to play out the first two places. Russian Maxim Chigaev and Turkish chessplayer Sanal Vahap have already committed performance of the norm of international masters of nine meeting. But their games will be of great importance for distribution of prizes. In the last round of play game M.Chigaev V.Belous.
But Sanal Vahap with G.Oparin. We with them success, as well as all other participants. Let the best man win! I have asked the tournament director G.E.Nesis talk about passing tournament, as well as the history of its origin, composition of participants, goals and objectives and future prospects
Photoreporting - 1.
Photoreporting - 2.
Photoreporting - 3. Fifth day.
Game V.Artemiev - T.Antal,2nd round.
Table and games
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Kirishi, May 17. In the Palace of Culture "KINEF" today, May 17, the chess grandmaster blitz-tournament "G.E.Nesiss Cup" took place. The tournament was held in according to the current FIDE rules, Swiss system in 11 rounds and it was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the famous chess expert and the 40th anniversary of coaching and teaching activities of Professor Gennady Nesis, FIDE senior trainer, Honoured Master of Sport. Time control on the chess timer was 3 minutes plus 2 seconds for each move for of each player using the electronic clock. International Arbiter Ilgar Badzharani was the Chief Arbiter. The tournament was attended by 28 players, including 14 grandmasters, 13 masters and one master candidate. It is important that all players, in one way or another, were directly related to the junior tournament. The first place won the Grandmaster from Ryazan, now living in Saratov, Dmitri Andrejkin, 8.5 points.
The winner was awarded by original Cup and a big cash prize. GM Rauf Mamedov from Baku finished at a point behind. He was ahead of the St. Petersburgs Grandmaster Alexander Shimanov to result in a personal game. "Nesis Cup" gathered a very strong panel. Eight of the twelve participants in the junior tournament expressed their desire to participate in there only day off. And only foreign young players preferred a sightseeing trip to Novgorod. All participants were awarded prizes or cash, or gifts. A.Khalifman, FIDE world champion 1999 was as a guest of honor. Before the start of the competition, Alexander said a warm welcome speech to the jubilee hero and wished him many years of service to the art of chess and chess players. At the close of the Cup, as well as the subsequent wonderful cocktail party many kind words were uttered to G.E.Nesis, in particular, by E.N.Serebrennikov well-known sports commentator and journalist, director of the SC's "Gambit" in Kirishi S.M.Yakovleva, the founder of the club, "Peter Rook" P.I.Drugov and other chess players gathered. Tournaments supporting connection of generations of chessplayers are necessary, sure. Their role to promote chess is priceless to. Organize them is not easily. However, the hero of the day is confident that the tournament that bears his name will become traditional and will be a magnet for young talents and the "Chess Stars", why receive an important impetus for growth in their his chess career to rises the hospitable Kirishi as cited numerous photos of our site the reader can easily line up the chronology of the events of "output" from the main tournament of the day.
Photoreporting - 1.
Photoreporting - 2.
Photoreporting - 3.
Thank you very my Sorokhtin for any video.
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Peterhof, March 26 2012.
From March 26 up 29, 2012 in Petrodvorets DDT was conducted the traditional 82nd Chess Festival "Peter's Castle" tournaments C1-C5. More than 160 players from the Leningrad region, St. Petersburg and Moscow took place in five tournaments. The festival program includes in addition to classical chess tournament will be held judicial seminar and cultural program. Ups and downs of tournament fighting reflected on the official website of the festival. Experienced and kind and friendly atmosphere, the organizers of the festival creates a unique atmosphere of goodwill. The director of the festival is Pavel Drugov.
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St.Petersburg, March 24 2012.
When a young Armenian master Agassi Inants wrote me Vkontakte that invited me to visit Erevan to play in an International tournament I wanted really to fly to Armenia. The phenomenon of the chess combined team of the country is surprising and fascinating, - to win the Olympics so many times in a row, leaving behind the combined teams of Russia, Ukraine, Israel, at least not inferior in a star degree, and perhaps even superior by the absolute power of strength, - how does it turn out? Much has been said that our GMs are perfect individualists and not team players, that in Armenia there is a unique team spirit and unity in the spirit of Dumas Musketeers. But these are words, and we would like very much to see it with out own eyes Read an interesting material about the Chess Academy in Yerevan and an interview with GM S.Lputyan. We thank International Master Pavel Drugov for a current topic raised, and for this creative approach.
Chess duduk.
Photo report from Yerevan.
St.Petersburg, March 24 2012.
In March 15 in a methodological study of the Physical Culture Department, a meeting was held with International Grandmaster M.Matlakov, a fourth-year student of the StPSUEF. Maxim is one of the most renowned and promising young players in our country. He is a twice champion of St.Petersburg among juniors, the St.Petersburg champion among men in 2011, five-time champion of Russia among juniors, including those up to 20 years in 2011, world champion among juniors under 18 years, the European champion in the club championship for men in 2011, within a team body of the St.Petersburg of Chess Federation. The current ELO rating is 2632, the fifth in St. Petersburg. A small presentation before the assembled students and staff of the PGUPS was accompanied with answers to questions. Maxim has shown one of his games won, which were played in the Swedish league against Alex Smidt (Sweden),and answered in detail to the questions. The material is presented in an amended and modified form. The first publications are given on the websites of the Russian Chess Federation and PGUPS.
Maxim Matlakov in PGUPS.
St.Petersburg, March 14 2012.
March 13 an evening party was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Youth Creativity of the Palace and the 90th birth anniversary of Master of sports, merited trainer of the RSFSR V.M.Byvshev, which took place in the main building of the Palace Anichkov Palace. The meeting was organized and conducted by trainers of the Chess department, supported by the administration. About 100 people, graduates of the Palace over the years came to the solemn part of an event and blitz-tournament held after it. A leader of the solemn part, head coach of SDYUSSHOR number 2 B.I.Goberman, after a brief preamble, gave the floor to deputy general director of the BP A.S.Firsanov. then one of the first students of the Palace M.E.Taimanov. The monologue of Mark Evgenievich, who had recently celebrated his 86-th birth anniversary, was the most meaningful and lasting. It was imbued with a deep sense of gratitude to the Palace of Pioneers...
Mark Taimanov told about learning at the Pioneers Palace.
Blitz-tournaments table.
St.Petersburg, March 4 2012.
The Team Championship of St. Petersburg in 2012 among primary school children was conducted by the SPbCF and passed in two stages. Semifinals - February 24 in Vasileostrovsky district chess club (Morskaya embank, 15, "North semi-final") and Kirov district chess club (Tramvainy Pass, 20) in five rounds by Swiss system. Time control is 25 minutes per a game, and 5 seconds per a move. The team composition is six boys and two girls, 100% stock. Every four teams, winners of the semi-finals made up a final. The final was held in March 1 and 2, the SDYUSSHOR (B.Konyushennaya, 25), 7 rounds of round robin. Final results of the winners: 1. SDYUSSHOR - 13 team points, 46.5 personal 2. Anichkov Palace - 13 (43) 3. Chess Club "Sovremennik" (Contemporary) - 10 (35). I can only note that, at the final stage, out of the teams nominated for prizes, children showed a good level of training. They played uncompromisingly, openly. Inspired by the success coaches executives of SDYUSSHOR decided to call for a rematch the Anichkov Palace team on 75 boards in different age categories. The challenge was accepted; the match was scheduled for March 15 and dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Palace of Pioneers, Youth Creativity Palace. Of course, all the competition before the main tournament of year, the championship of Russia among juniors are treated as an opportunity to train and test their strength.
St.Petersburg, February 20 2012.
A friendly match between the teams of young chessplayers from SDYUSOR number 2 named after M.I Chigorin and the SDYUSSHOR number 2 SPbGDTY was devoted to 75th anniversary of the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers - St. Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity. Junior competed in two age categories, age of 2002 and younger and in older age of 1998 and younger as well. That is up to 10 and 14 years old. Opponents tried twice to find out the relationship with the control of 45 min. for game. The younger played on 20 chessboards, and the older on eighteen. Girls' boards were three and five respectively. Top representatives of the two strongest urban chess schools competed in the chess department of SPbGDTY. For younger children the owners proved to be stronger with a score of 23.5 by 14.5, and the older guests won 19.5 to 16.5. The match was played in a friendly atmosphere and helped to see the strength and skill increase before the big chess competitions to come.
Minutes of the match.
St.Petersburg, March, 19 2012.
Dear friends, today we are glad to inform you that a contract between the American "Mongoose Press" Chess Book Publishing House and Alexander Shashin is signed. A.Shashin is an author of the "physique-like" model of chess. A chess textbook of the well-know chess trainer A.A.Shashin "I search for the Strongest Move" will be issued in English closer by the end of a current year. The volume of scientific work impresses about 500 pages. The author applies for solving the most important problem for chessplayer: finding the strongest move in any position, using algorithms of Tal, Capablanca, Petrosian, or their combinations. Dear reader will learns everything in more detail in a fragment from the textbook, and to the full, having read and having studied all the work completely. A.Shashin makes no secret that his textbook is an integral system in the theory and in practice, just as Nimtsoviches, only at a new qualitative level.
It is devoted to editing the chess textbook by Alexander Shashin in the "Mongoose Press".
Fragment from the first part of the textbook "I search for the strongest move".
St. Petersburg, January 31, 2012.
From January 28 up February 5, 2012 taking place semi-finals of St. Petersburgs Championships among men and women in the Sports Chess School-2 (B.Konyushennaya, str., 25). The tours start at 17:00, the time control 90 min. for 40 moves + 30 min. to end of the game + 30 sec./move. Ironically, in the men's and women's semifinals are involved the same number of players - 34. Women's Tournament has very young age.
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