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St.Petersburg, 15th of June.
White Nights" in St. Petersburg again!
Article The last ringing is stopped at schoolchildren's, and a chess season is in full swing. It seems to have no opening and closings. Everybody chessplayer solves it independently. How is it to hold out and not to play in a tournament without taking care on school lessons and examinations?!...
Kirishi, 11st of May
Tomorrow will start the third International chess tournament "Young Stars of the World". Vanja Somov's Memorial. Playing 12 young chessplayers: three Grandmasters and seven International Masters... They are presented six Chess Federations
Read of our department Let lost do not cry also friendship it will unit!"
The Stars shine still brighter!
Young stars of the world-2005. Dramatic finish.
S.Karjakin - E.Alekseev.
Moscow, 10th of May.
Now I offer You the book, which have sent me Pavel Bogumil about loving and forgiving man...
"A book about how to become a Loving and Forgiving man?!"
St.Petersburg, 6th of April.
Today I've made my mind to talk with A.A.Shashin, sports master of the USSR, trainer at the Anichkov Palace (St.Petersburg), author of physics-like model of chess. Alexander Alexandrovich has revealed its principal ideas in an easily understood form. But every thing is to be in order.
Part 1.
Part 2.
A.Shashin - V.Korchnoi, Leningrad, 1973.
St.Petersburg, 28th of March.
Now the current seventy eighth chess championship of the city on the river Neva just has become a history. The tournament which gathered twelve adequate chessplayers passed in uncompromised struggle...
St.Petersburg, 2nd of February
February 2 in the Club named after B.Spassky there passed an International Junior Tournament "Spassky's Cup" which was devoted to the 68-th anniversary of the famous chess champion of the world.
Dear book lovers!
Today in the beginning of New 2005 Year, I want to remind you of those remarkable books which have been published in the passing year. Talk will turn to the best of them, that is "the hits" as they say in jargon of the modern "PR". Of course, it is subjective, and each of you can make up his own list without effort. Nevertheless, what is on the mind readers most of all...
Details in the review.
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St.Petersburg, January, 20th.
Today we've got as our quest Yuri Konstantinovich Begunov, academician of the International Slav, Petersburg and Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Russian Union of writers, doctor of philological sciences of Bulgaria and Russia. And besides he is a chess master candidate. Yuri Konstantinovich is confiding his reminiscences of the past epoch. Studying chess and working with great people for many years he has much to tell a generation of chessplayers.
Part 1.
Part 2.
St.Petersburg, December 2004.
Dear chessfriends, there has been published the first book of a series " White's Opening according to Anand - 1.e4". The problem of a choosing an opening is always standing before a chessplayer from the very beginning of his chess career. With regard for the present time it finds still more significance. The author of a series Grandmaster A.Khalifman offers one of the ways of decision of a question...
Details in the review.
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Saint-Petersburg, October, 30th
Born 1.12.1911, Petersburg, Soviet chessplayer, International Master, chess journalist. Economist. Champion of the RSFSR (1947)... He is an author of the book "Let you know: chess". I make a note that date of his birth is given according to an old style, in fact, N.Novotel'nov was born on the 14-th of December, Master of Sports of the USSR from 1945, member of the Voluntary Sports Society "Trud (Labour)".

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