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St.Petersburg, November 3 2013.
Dear friends! A book of the St. Petersburg master of sports A.A.Shashin «Best Play. A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move» was published in the American publishing House "Mongoose Press"
Its third in a textbook with a new approach to methodically search the progress has not entered the third part, but without the volume of the book was over 400 pages
Our site has repeatedly published an interview with Alexander Alexandrovich. First impressions about the release of the book, and much more from the author are offered to your attention.
A.Shashin: "I believe that the future belongs to my method!"
St.Petersburg, March 22, 2013.
From the 11th to 21st of March 2013 St. Petersburg championship in classical chess (men and women) were conducted in SDYUSSHOR ShSh (B.Konyushennaya str.,25). In the circular tournaments men and women identified the strongest chess players in the Neva city. One of the youngest bodies, if not the most, was selected in the women's championship. High-ranking international master A.Balayan had no equal in it.
In 11 rounds Alina lost only half a point. Who would have thought that such a pretty young woman at the board will not accept compromise, even when the first place has been secured? Victoria Korchagina took a second place; a half point behind, Dina Belenkaya was third (both FIDE Masters). Pupils and students only were among the participants of the female championship. In the years gone such a tournament certainly were a youth, or small final. But the XXIst century is outside, and chess has become incredibly younger and more beautiful! In the men's championship a qualification and age composition was not so "radical", as in the female. Ten semifinalists and two invited Grandmasters identified a trio who would represent St. Petersburg for the national championship. And yet, the youngest participant, Sergei Lobanov was not still 12 years old and the most aged Andrew Wunder fifty. On the last day of the championship when I was able to see him with my own eyes, being in the lead most of the race Eugene Levin was by passed by GM Denis Yevseyev with nine points.
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Pushkin, February 24, 2013.
Today in the "Sports and Cultural Center named after A.A.Alekhine", Master-class of International Grandmaster N. Vitiugov has taken place. The event has been dedicated to his victory in a strong victory (Trafalgar). For two hours, young Grandmaster has speaking about all the vicissitudes of competition. His game against Polish Grandmaster D.Sversh has been analyzed in detail. Nikita slightly has touched his last round game against M. Vachier-Lagrov. After all, from the fourth move the course of the game has been run from a “clean slate”. Grandmaster has answered the questions in much detail, and of course, has pleased experienced chess players, fans, and probably the young chess players somewhat “have caught a nap". However, all the participants have warmly, welcomed and thanked Nikita for his high quality lectures and wished him further success. The organizer of the meeting has been the "Sports and cultural center named after A.A.Alekhine", in the person of its director S.A.Rumyantsev. One wants to note that lectures, and simultaneous game sessions, and somewhat forgotten already attribute of the chess school were again revived. They fell to our share as a tradition and an element for the growth of chess. Let us work also that the transfer of experience and knowledge assumed a new modern character and widespread everywhere. And where they have not their own Grandmasters, there Internet will help.
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St.Petersburg, February 17, 2013.
Today the meeting had been held in memory of the 100th birth anniversary of the awarded trainer of the USSR, Vladimir Grigorievich Zak at the chess department of Anichkov Palace. The grand reception has been organized and conducted by trainers-instructors of chess department, supported and participated by Direction of the Anichkov Palace. According to the intention of organizers the colleagues at work pupils, and also chessplayers invited have participated in solemn part of the grand reception and in a blitz-tournament followed.
All speakers at the grand reception have marked high professional and human qualities of Vladimir Grigorievich Zak, the complexity of his character. Remembered are the words of G.M.Chernyakova, a former director of the Pioneer Palace, who stood at the beginning of its development: "Strong people chessplayers, trainers should have a complex character”.
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Pushkin, February 16, 2013.
Today in the "Sports and cultural center named after Alexander Alekhine a blitz-tournament has been held in honor of 85-th birth anniversary of well-known Petersburg chess trainer, master of sports of the USSR, Sergei Vladimirovich Khavsky. Before the tournament, supported by the St. Petersburg Chess Federation many warm words have been told, in addressing Sergey Vladimirovich due to his many years service in the chess art. His colleagues at work in Anichkov Palace, friends, pupils have been among the reception speakers. I remind you there are Grandmasters V.Epishin, A.Alenkin, S.Ivanov and M.Matlakov among his best pupils. The blitz-tournament (48 participants) of 11 rounds has been completed with a victory of Pushkin Master Candidate Andrey Shalygin (9 points). Master of Sports George Mukhin is a half-point behind; and Dmitry Shchukin, one point behind. The participants taking the first nine places have been with memorable souvenirs.
It should be noted that the blitz-tournament and a solemn non-official part of the reception after the third round have been also arranged for the anniversary dates of the trainers of the Pushkin’s chess school, Rudolf Viktorovich Prelovsky (75 years) and Valery Alexandrovich Rumyantsev (60 years). Our CONGRATULATIONS to the heroes of the day, and the winner and prize-winners of the blitz-tournament! A small photo reporting is offered for your consideration.

St.Petersburg, August 25 2012.

International Chess Festival "Memorial M.M.Botvinnik" is held from August 24 to September 2, 2012 at the "Park" Hotel on Krestovsky island. August 24 at 130 participants took blitz, which was won by the St. Petersburg grandmaster Eugeny Alekseev. Today, in the framework of "Memorial M.M.Botvinnik" begins Cup of Russia on classical chess. 207 players from 14 countries contest the 35 prizes for a total amount of 700 thousand rubles.
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Pardubice, July 10 2012.
The Czech town of Pardubice in the 23d time will start after two days an International festival of chess and other intellectual games Czech Open in 2012, one of the largest in Europe and held under the auspices of Czech President. In different categories, in addition to chess, you can compete in checkers, bridge, chess, Japanese and other table games...
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Alushta, June 24 2012.
The "Chess Summer" is at its height at the cozy chess club "Caissa" in a small Crimean town of Alushta on the Black Sea shore. There have been just finished three tournaments, children's open-tournament rating tournament and the tournament with a norm of international master. It is pleasant to note that just the at once, children's St.Petersburg players have won the two of them. In the children’s open tournament nobody has been equal to Nikolai Shirshov, who collected eight points. Petersburg chessplayer Lisa Zhemchuzhina has been best among the girls.
"Welcome to Alushta!"
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Kirishi, May 22 2012.
The 10th tournament "Young Stars of the world memory Vanya Somov" in Kirishi is finishing. Participants are left to play the final round. All services interact perfectly, giving the participants to engage in a creative process on the chessboard. Juniors already played a lot of interesting games. A stubborn struggle ensued between the two international masters, the Russians. V.Artemev V.Belous, and have eight points. Play the first two places they were never able to prevent it. IM norm is fulfilled already M.Chigaev, in result of the nine games, in the final round he wait game with V.Belous. Also, the Turkish chessplayer Sanal Vahap has IM norm one. We wish them success, as well as all other participants. Let the best man win! I asked the tournament director G.E.Nesis talk about passing tournament, as well as the history of its origin, composition of participants, goals and objectives and future prospects.
Gennady Nesis. "Stars' tournament". Issue tenth.
Photoreporting - 4. The last round. The eleventh day.
Photoreporting - 5. Closing ceremony and awarding of winners.
Table and games.
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St.Petersburg, May 22.
Today, in May, 22 Dr. Gennady Nesis, Awarded trainer of Russia, International Grandmaster of the ICCF, World vice-champion of the ICCF, Awarded sports master, FIDE Senior Trainer is 65 years complete. Gennady Yefimovich is awarded by the RChF with a diploma "For a huge contributions in the pedagogical activities (training preparation of A.Khalifman, world champion of 1999, and K.Sakaev, possessor of the Cup of Russia 2006) and fruitful work in the field of chess literature...". I have joined with pleasure to the congratulations, and wish to a jubilee hero sound health, further successes in different spheres of his tireless activities to the benefit of development of chess art!
Hero of the day, he notes 40 years of coaching and teaching.
Let me remind you, a big strong blitz-tournament in honor of the 65th anniversary of G.Nesis took place on May 17 and was a great success. In the competition participated 28 players including 14 grandmasters and had a tribute to him. Over the years, during his tireless chess life G.E.Nesis has provided direct assistance and support for the FIDE world champion 1999, A.Khalifman, Champion of Russia and Olympic champion K.Sakaev, to vice-world champion G.Kamsky, to Grandmaster D.Komarov and to other famous chessplayers.G.E.Nesis is widely known as the author of numerous books about chess openings theory, A.Khalifman is creativity the art of exchange. FIDE Master L.Shulman, a longtime friend of G.Nesis, in 2007 wrote a book, "Gennady Nesis. Chess biography". It includes not only biographical information but also the best games of Grandmaster. Recent years, the writer himself is working on a second volume of him memoirs. The first volume named "Back to the past life," was released last year and met with great interest. On my website I published some chapters of it. It is no exaggeration to say that the entire chess communities congratulate Gennady Yefimovich with his Happy Birthday. I am pleased to join in the congratulations; we wish a tireless worker and a wonderful organizer of the chess tournament "Young Stars of the world in the memory Vanya Somov" good health, great success, long and fruitful years for the benefit of chess art and the development of the young generation of talented players Gennady Yefimovich received many congratulations from officials, friends, colleagues and students, including those from the St. Petersburg Chess Federation (SPbShF).

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